How to Change that Boring Windows Logon Screen

change windows logon screen

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez for

Change Your Windows Logon Screen with Kirjaudu

There’s a ton of talk out there about changing your logon screen manually, but many people – particularly those who are more tech-illiterate – would like a program that can magically do this with the click of a mouse. If you’re one of the latter group of people, someone from Finland appears to have been listening to your grievances. Now, you can use Kirjaudu (which means “logon” in Finnish) and click a large button on the application to change that old, boring logon screen into a beautiful background. There’s no crazy installation process, no adware obligations, and no insanely long processes involved in simply making the switch.

The Problem Most People Face When Modifying Windows

The majority of computer users would like to turn their Windows installations into something more personalized, much like how you can do it with certain Linux distributions. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t really want people messing around with their graphic interface, and why code it into Windows when there are many third-party applications (some even free for download) that can do these things? We’re not exactly sure why Windows doesn’t let you do things like changing the Start button or logon screen on your computer.

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