Enterprise CIO Forum: Time is ripe for Chief Mobility Officer

By Cara Shockley for Enterprise CIO Forum

Just last week I blogged on the rise of the virtual office and the importance of apps to enable the workforce to have the same productivity tools while on-the-go that they’d have access to from the desktop. I hadn’t planned to write on mobility again so soon, but, having just read Matt Hamblen’s article at Computerworld, “Chief mobile officer: A job title now timely?” it seems equally timely to continue the discussion.

In his article Matt quotes a Forrester analyst, Ted Schadler, who said “Mobile is one of those things that bites you from behind if you aren’t paying attention.” He went on to reference the Forrester report:

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Article originally appeared at EnterpriseCIOForum.com.
Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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