Ask Dave Taylor: How to Add a Clock to Your Windows Desktop

By Dave Taylor

The Question: Can I Add a Clock to my Windows 7 Desktop?

I know that Win7 shows the time on the lower right of the taskbar, but I’d like something that’s more like an analog clock. I don’t know if there are third party apps or what, but I just want a clock on the top right of my desktop. Is there something like that in Microsoft Windows 7?

Dave’s Answer:

You’re in luck, actually: it turns out that Windows 7 includes an entire set of small apps that Microsoft calls “Gadgets”, one of which is a clock. These desktop Gadgets are intended to be little widgets or gizmos that serve a single, simple purpose and can be scattered throughout your desktop, showing things like system performance, the weather, or even a ticker with the latest news from your favorite RSS-friendly Web site.

What’s odd is how few people know about them, let alone actually enable them on their WinPCs. Seems like a bit of a failed experiment to me, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not cool and useful!

Let’s have a look.

First off, it’s as easy as possible to get to the Gadgets: Simply right-click on an empty spot on your Windows desktop, and it shows up in the contextual menu that appears:

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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15 thoughts on “Ask Dave Taylor: How to Add a Clock to Your Windows Desktop”

  1. I would like to know how to be able to keep the clock/weather gadgets without all the ad crap that comes along with them. I have a small laptop and its nearly impossible to do any on-line shopping because of the annoying pop-up ads that come with the gadgets.

  2. i downloaded a clock from gadgets onto my desktop but i cannot set the time. time in right hand corner is correct. i have windows 7. please assist. thanks. Esther.

  3. i have a clock which i downloaded from gadgets in windows 7 on my desktop but i cannot set the time. the time in the right hand corner of my desktop is correct. could u please help me. thanks. esther

  4. Randy L. Holcombe

    All of this is a BS answer. No real solutions here! I just want a simple desktop clock. don't want to make major changes to my OS

  5. Uninstall Internet Explorer 11 and install 10. Problem will be fixed. Do not allow automatic updates. Choose which ones you install, otherwise you’ll get IE 11 back again.

  6. Stephen Westervelt

    i think they official killed gadgets in an update. I used to use the cpu % and clock one religiously. It will not work now

  7. I want my clock on the desk top but when I click and drag it doesn’t stay. Windows 7
    Thanks. We want a plain white face, round, simple to read.

  8. YES one can’t “Click” and move the clock! It will not stay on desk top anymore!! Any of the others will stay. Did I miss Daves answer somewhere? Thanks

  9. Catch up mate, Microsoft dropped all support for desktop gadgets now, seems they trying to hide something…

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