Ask Leo: 7 Things Your Sysadmin Probably Won’t Tell You

7 Things Your Sysadmin Probably Won't Tell You

By Leo Notenboom

In addition to being the “Leo” in Ask Leo!, I also administer several web servers and websites for a few friends as well as host email accounts on my own servers for a few others.

What I’ve come to realize over time is that in doing so, these people have placed a tremendous amount of control in my hands. More than you might imagine.

What I’ve also realized is that this isn’t uncommon. In fact, whenever you have someone manage your business’s website, server, or email – be that person a friend or a hired service – you’re probably giving them more access than you realize.

It’s often the right, and even necessary, thing to do.

Your sysadmin just might not tell you how much power he or she really has.

In defense of Sysadmins everywhere

I have to start by saying that I’m not implicating system administrators at all. They really are the backbone of the internet, keeping the digital wheels greased and pistons lubed, making sure that websites work and email gets sent 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What I do want to make clear is just how much power you might be inadvertently giving your system administrator. I’m not even saying that doing so is wrong – in many cases, it’s exactly the right thing to do.

“A good system administrator can be a partner helping your business grow.”
It’s important to realize just how much access and control you’re giving your system administrator so you can make informed decisions when you’re looking for help.

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This post is excerpted with Leo’s permission from his blog.

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