Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Windows 8 Metro: Success or Failure?

Windows 8

By Bill Pytlovany

Microsoft Windows 8 Preview

Last week Microsoft made a test version of Windows 8 available to the public. Windows 8 is a dramatic change and you’ll see many articles which will evaluate changes and predict it’s success or failure. The new interface is called “Metro”.

I’ve been playing with Windows 8 but even I won’t make a prediction on the how Metro will eventually do. If you read the entire article you’ll be able to decide Microsoft’s future yourself. Based on Microsoft history, developers often joke that the first and 2nd versions won’t be accepted but the third major release will be a hit. This was true with DOS 3.x, Windows 3.x and other Microsoft products except of course Microsoft Bob.

One of the funniest and ironic situations I’ve experienced with Microsoft is how they market new versions of Windows. To encourage folks to upgrade to new versions of Windows, Microsoft will acknowledge how bad their current version is.

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This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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16 thoughts on “Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Windows 8 Metro: Success or Failure?”

  1. As a field tech, user, admin since 1975 (yes -networked via screechy little modems), I have dutifully kept up with OSes, Office Suites, and Graphics suites. One of my former employees, now a Microsoft manager in Redmond, responded to my being pissed-off with Vista’s attitude of me being a Guest with “Vista blows dogs.”
    Powershell should have been a concurrent part of System Tools -along with a huge list of scripts. I see little in Office Suites that interests enough to justify diminishing returns since Office 2K to XP upgrade. Graphics suites like Adobe amaze mere mortals in working faster for each hardware evolution despite OS galactic expansion. Win 7 will hopefully be more concerned with productivity than Longhorn’s anal-retentive dysfunctional paranoias.

  2. Sure, computers need to be far more intuitive, and need less ‘maintenance’ and updating. And wouldn’t (conventional) Windows be great if everything operated as smoothly as a slick smart phone interface does? But bolting on Metro isn’t going to fix this.

    So the Metro interface is a late entry attempt into the smart phone market.

    But most people will bypass it on laptops and desktops. But maybe it has a use for combining social media, browsing and so on. Fine if you use a limited range of programs.

    Personally I wouldn’t want two styles of interface to work with.

    Vista works fine for me.. after a couple of weeks of frustration at the start. I guess one day I’ll be forced to upgrade again- when my laptop breaks irretrievably again.

    1. @David: I read your response. You state you like Windows Vista. As an IT geek, I found and read about the fact that Vista has so many holes and bugs in it I was amazed. I was originally reluctant to go to 7, BUT Windows 7 feels a wholoe like Vista, but it has the stability of Windows XP.

      I say this, because I have had so many problems with Vista, and have not had 90% of the problems with 7 that I had with Vista.

  3. I just installed win 8 and now my screen is bleeding off the edge of the monitor. I updated the drives and that did not help. I tried making changes to the resolution and that did not help. I guess I will need a new video card if I go to Windows 8.

  4. I have been using Win Xp for my business, and it does more than I need.
    I bought a laptop with Vista, five years ago.
    I have fought with Vista since, and it has been sitting on the shelf.
    No help from MS at all on the Vista, other than say Buy Win 7. They just want more of my money and won’t support a product that I can use.
    ( Would you buy a car that only lasts 3 years and the manufacture won’t support?)
    When XP goes, next stop Mac.

  5. I’ve just bought a Nokia Lumia 700 for an employee, and will play with it on the weekend to see if it’s better than android.
    So far, I don’t like the Win 8 style interface it comes with. I know I’d hate it on my PC, which I have set up for ultimate productivity. I’m still on XP, but have so many programs to re-install I’m loath to start installing the Win 7 I’ve already purchased. Once I do, I’ll be happy to wait a while before trying Win 8.
    So long as you can pick up a legacy interface, Win 8 may well be good. We’ll see.

  6. Once again, Microsoft is making us all learn all over again with Windows 8. It doesn't matter whether you are a novice user or a geek, it will be a complete new learning process. Microsoft just can't get it right in my humble opinion. Imagine if Ford had jumped from the Model T to the latest Mondeo Model! You wouldn't know where to start when you got into the seat, other than putting your hands on the wheel, ie, turning on your PC and moving the mouse. It is so drastically different, it will take months of getting used to and I am not sure that Microsoft aren't going to regret this. I may download the Beta version to my laptop to try out but I can see me going back to good old XP. I'll keep you all posted.

  7. I'm not a Collage grad I'm just 1 of those every day guys that has taught him self to build a fast reliable gaming PC and with the ability install and configure the operating system to run Safe, Fast, Reliable, and with ease of use for the avg user.
    Iv been playing with 8 for a few weeks now and I can honestly say there are a few bugs as the start page should be set up as a usable program like media center so the user can bring it up if they have a touchscreen but with that being said.
    The Os is faster and seems more reliable than 7. The PCs I have installed it on is an intermediate gamer the Internet connection raised a few MB, Games are running faster, even FBs laggy games react to commands like they should and it can be set up in its raw stage user friendly. All I can say is I can not wait to see the fin product.

  8. This looks like crap designed to access more mindless time wasting BS. If you are a serious desktop user of real productivity applications, rather than things to entertain a five year old, then this is a real step down from Win7. I like my dual monitors, and deciding for myself what I will look at first, not having the system try to manage me. Their entire preview was about things to waste time rather than get to work and actually accomplish something. I certainly won’t upgrade!!!!!

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