21 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: What is the Oldest Computer You Own?”

  1. IBM PC Jr w/ Drive II second 5.25 floppy … around 1980 I think … Also have a working TI 99 with tape recorder for storage … I know OCD about PC’s …

  2. the oldest working computer i have is an apple2+ with 64k of memory yes thats k.i build a new tower every 3-5 yrs and still have them all. now running 4 core intel its like sitting in a a computer museum

  3. I have a Compaq Desk Pro Pentium 11 350 MHZ
    128 MB RAM. BIOS Date 02/08/1999 with CD USB and floppy drive. I also have four hard drives that can be switched rather easily. One has Linux Mandrake 6.5 with X11,KDE, and gnome desktops.The disk is partioned and also has Wary Puppy which supports USB. One hard disk has DOS 6.22 & WIN 3.1 fully loaded and which works pretty fast on this machine.One hard disk has WIN 2000.The other one had WIN 98 with to many partions and it wouldn’t recognize it so I had to Wipe it clean but can be used for something else. I hate to throw anything away but since moving into a retirement home don’have room for a lot of JUnk. I only use or play with one Hard disk at a time so switch hard disks. for different Operating systems. It complains and gives me warnings when I do this but then goes ahead and configures each system so I don’t need to run setup each time. It is not on the Inernet.

  4. I’ve got a lap top that was manufactured in 1999. I don’t use it a lot but I keep it because its got a FLOPPY (5 1/4″) drive (which they don’t put on or use anymore) and PS2 (2 slots) drives. The PS2 drive are useful for when it comes to downloading video from PS2 cards from a Sony camera (or any other type of PS2’s).

    I’m using Windows Vista, here.

    PS – I got Windows as far back as 3.1 (floppy) w/Dos on 5 1/2″ Floppy) to Windows 95 (floppy & Disk) 98 (floppy & Disk) & 98 SE on Disk and last but not least on Disk, XP & 2 Desk tops w/Windows M.E.

    PS-2 <— (;-) ) Plus I've got on floppy disks, Norton Desktop, which ran on Windows 3.1. Plus I got other games I like to play that won't work on any other Windows after Windows 98/98SE

  5. my 8yo box – gigabyte mobo / intel pentium 4 (2.8ghz socket 478) / ram 1g (dual ch ocz ddr1 400mhz) / vga card 128mb (ati 9200) / hdd seagate (80g 7200 rpm 8m cache) – still functional, still loved… 🙂

  6. I have a 4 year old computer I built, one of many, that I have kept and not sold with an AsRock mother board and single core AMD 64 bit 3200+ processor (Venice).
    200gb Western Digital hard drive, and at one time had 3 80gb hard drives done in raid 0. An Asus ATI Radion PCI-E Video card, can't even remember which one it is.
    2gb ddr400. Due to demands of software thses day's, Windows xp just couldn't keep up , or the hardware for today's demands, so I put Linux operating system and works great, I keep it just to learn more about linux and to play with on the side. I do have a newer desktop with 2nd generation Intel core and Windows 7 to keep up with todays software demands.

  7. Have a Laser 386SX, only donated my Packard Bell 286 as I didn’t need them both. I’ve gone through several Win versions only because I needed to replace hardware that crapped out. My current XP is more than adequate to my needs. Why can’t Microsoft accomodate their users’ needs rather than just trying to boost profits by requiring us to “upgrade”?

    1. @OFBG: “Why can’t Microsoft accomodate their users’ needs rather than just trying to boost profits by requiring us to “upgrade”?” Well you seem to know already but watch this Video for a good example of the reasons. The main reason…Consumerism – Planned Obsolescence.

  8. Commodore 64s in the basement. Had a Vic20 but sold it in the early 80's. Saw a TI99A in the thrift store last week. I owned one of those for a week once, but took it back for the Vic20 because they didn't have a tape interface to save anything.

    Everything now in use is dual and quad processor. Wish I had 1/2 the money I spent on computers since 1979….

  9. Mark Alexander Davy

    I am only about…. three or four years back in terms of the processor that I have. Socket 775 processors throughout the house. Just don't have the money to throw at the latest and greatest stuff.

  10. I Still have my original Tandy 1000. It still functions. It came with MSDOS 2.11 on a 360k floppy disk, but no HDD. This was actually my second computer. My first was the Tandy Color Computer or CoCo for short. I also have an IBM PS/1 and several old intel 386 based PC’s and on and on. I work on computers and have many clients that still use older computers. One in particular still uses an MSDOS based Intel 286 system to feed their livestock. The upgraded system is cost prohibitive.

    I still have software that I use with them. I don’t see why I should throw them away when they are still as good as new. Sometimes it’s good to go back to the good old days of text based adventure games.

  11. I still use my old Atari 1040 Ste for midi programming, and there is a very active users group for this family of machines. It was designed for midi from the ground up and still provides rock steady timing. I also still use a Windows 2000 machine for recording audio, since it’s stripped with no other programs except for audio and never sees the internet, though it is networked via netBEUI, so that I can transfer audio files to my newer machines.

  12. The oldest computer I own is the one and only computer that I am currently using. It’s a Gateway Model DX430S. 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium operating system. Processor-Intel (R) Core (TM) 2CPU 4300@1.8GHZ Memory(RAM) 3 GB. End of support is 2017 for Windows Vista (Security Updates) so I’m hoping I can use it for 5 more yrs. I have upgraded to IE8 for Windows Vista.
    I dropped my land line, dial-up and got Time Warner Cable (.75MB download and .12MB upload and MagicJack. I can stream Netflix so was pleased with that so I dropped the DVD service and just stream Netflix.

  13. I have a TRS80 PC4 pocket computer from around 1982..i have the books it came with also..it still works like new.
    I have a TI55 programable calculator from around that time too…it also still works.

    have a good Day

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