4 Tools for Safe Web Browsing

tools for safe web browsing

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4 Tools To Check If A Website Is Safe For Browsing

Is the Internet safe? Some will say yes, and some will say no. Personally, I think that it is not a safe place anymore. There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet but you cannot say whether any specific website is safe for browsing or not. There are links on websites that leads you to spam websites, install malicious software on your computer, steals your personal information, etc. Even if you have a good antivirus program installed, you can still not be sure whether the link you are about to click is safe or not. If you want to find out whether the website is safe for browsing, check out some tools mentioned below.

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is a simple and easy to use online tool that let users find out whether the website is safe for browsing or not.

safe web browsing

All you have to do is enter the URL of the website you want to check and it will generate a complete threat report for you. The report will test the website for 18 different types of threats including viruses, malwares, Trojans, downloaders, remote access software, information stealers and more.

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2 thoughts on “ 4 Tools for Safe Web Browsing

  1. Make tech easier? Tech? Can the words Norton, Mcafee and tech be used in the same sentence and have any credibility? I don’t think so!

    This article is a joke and the information contained therein is about as much help as a proverbial chocolate fireguard.

    Web of trust? What a joke! This is nothing more than dumbing down, plain and simple. You mean users can actually have their input into what is trusted and whats not? Great! The blind and stupid leading the blind and stupid…that will really work!

    This is very dangerous road to go down for a number of reasons that I will not go into here. But suffice to say, that over-zealous software or regulation may play a part in lots of innocent websites being labeled as not-safe. Especially those that rely on the accuracy of security certificates.

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