49 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: Will You Upgrade to Windows 8?”

  1. Absolute S.H.*.T I will not change from windows 7 (hated vista) and yes xp is the best ever. But I thinking About trying android as My next move I like that, but will only go open source route when support for 7 stopp’s which like xp is 15 years away as people wont take to 8

  2. As a home user of what ever came on my computer 3 years ago, I am okay with it. I am the majority home computer user that is in no way savy about this windows stuff. But I can say this. I will be very upset that my computer may become unusable where Microsoft tries to force me as a senior citizen to buy something with another expensive operating system that only fatten’s the Gate’s family checkbiik.
    If I live long enough, my next computer desktop will be Apple based.

  3. Didn’t think I would ever consider going to Apple. I run 7 on three different machines and like it. But everything I am reading about 8 makes me think if 7 dies I will have to pluck an Apple from the tree…. jeez did I say that.

  4. Win 7 64 bit caused me grief since I couldn’t use some 32 bit music production software in it for which i paid good money.
    Not interested in the communications end of things just the creative side. Give me XP.

  5. Its all about the Money isn't it, I get the distinct feeling, all though Microsoft have a massive influence on moving forward and keeping up with the times but really its like get one right, make one rubbish, complain about it, then make a good one, helloooo, get it right the first time instead of grabbing every bit of paper with a hint of green on it.

  6. I will definitly NOT update. MS runs the same cycle as in the past. 1 good O/S 1 followed by a flopp and so on and on and on.

  7. I currently have one Desktop running XP, one Desktop running Windows 7 and a laptop and a netbook running XP. I much prefer XP, don’t like Vista but can live with Windows 7. As I use graphics programs which necessitate intricate use of the mouse, I will not be purchasing Windows 8, no, no, no.

  8. Daniel US Special Forces Vet

    What MS is trying to do Don is force everybody to a “cloud” type of system where all the applications are “rented” for the time you use them. Then when you sign off or out, you have to “rent” the program again when you use it again. Somehow Gates thinks this is a good idea. The second MS does this is the second I give up my Windows and move to a mac or linux system.

  9. First of all, that rant was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen. Most of us don’t want something “new and different” on our computers – we just want to be able to use them for our everyday lives as we always have.
    As for Win 8, I will not be surprised if this is the demise or nearly so, of Microsoft. I’m going to build a new Win7 box while I still can, and I may buy an extra copy of Win7 for future use. (Actually I’d prefer Vista).I can’t, for the life of me, imagine why MS thinks we’ll feel that “different is better.” I hate the fact that they moved the favorites button from the left to the right side of Explorer 9. There’s no good reason for it, and now I have to stop and think for a moment before I go there. It’s justa little thing but a great example of something that should have been left “as is.” when the time comes that I have no further choice with Windows I forsee an Apple box in my future, though I’ll go there kicking and screaming.

  10. K Lawrence Hall

    I up graded to Windows Seven, and am stuck in 64 bit heaven. I was looking for a way out. I really liked Win XP Pro, but wanted 64 bit. Seven is really wierd, so this is someone’s idea of something simple? Microsoft should have improved Win XP. I have an old WinXP Pro, which was said to be a 64 bit O.S. I can’t get it to function. Right now I’m not trusting Microsoft, and am stuck with a system’s board with a lot of flashy lights, and stupid symbols lit up in red. Why have a reset button on a system’s board inside your tower. Hey, I have to hand it to Microsoft, those seven green lights sure keep my set-up well lit. The numbers on the board also help me find my way to Texas. What do you mean, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe they mean I have a low sugar reading. Come on Microsoft cut us some slack out here in lah lah land.

  11. I’ve been around the block with Windows for about 10 years. They have NEVER EVER released a version that was READY for the general population to use when released. They have gone the rout of most other American manufactures and no longer test before releasing. If the customeer has a problem they will return it. In Micrsofts case you can’t return it, you have to wait for at least the first Service Pack to correct issues THEY did’t know about.

    I’ve used Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.5, 95, 98, 98SE
    (that I thought was their BEST), XP Home, XP Pro, Vista(expensive joke) and now 7. I heard the reviews on 7 and waited for a WORKING VERSION and then dumped the Vista.

    With the the exception of Vista, I never realy wanted to change operating systems. I don’t like change, especialy change just for the sake of changing. Once I get used to a system, I’ll keep it. Vista just bugged the heck out of me. Windows 7 is the only operating system I purchased as an upgrade and I waited till it was released with service pack 1 already installed. It still has a few bugs but the difference is like night and day. Basicaly my only problem is the video driver which may not be Microsofts fault.

    Currently I’m using 3 systems with XP Pro and 1 Windows 7. The differences are not hard for me to figure out. There are features from the XP that I miss on 7 and there are features on 7 that I wonder how I got along without before.

    To make a long story short, WAIT at least one year after the OFFICIAL release of Windows 8 before you buy it. Good things come to those who wait.

    Some, I’m sure will absolutely love it, while others will absolutely HATE it. The rest of us will just use it because it’s on our computer.

  12. Daniel US Special Forces Vet

    Ok this is sorta stupid. How am I suppose to read Chris’s article when there is nothing there? I even went so far as to tell my firefox 11 browser to allow the whole page, and nothing. And I refuse to sign up for a “twerp” account (twitter) just to read an article. If it is this important that we see Chris’s words….then why not have them here?

  13. I have had XP Pro. Vista ultimate, and now Win.7, I did like
    XP, but Vista was the pits, and win 7, I can accept but I will not update to 8. I have been getting very fond of the
    MAC. systems and really enjoy them, they have fast action
    to do your work, not half of the time for cleaners, up
    dates, on and on.

  14. If I had a Tablet PC, I could see upgrading…I am running Windows 8 Customer Preview in VirtualBox (did not “switch”). I used to have a Windows Phone, so the Metro UI doesn’t bother me that much, what bothers me is the completely lack of keyboard/mouse support (afterthought maybe?)…but again, it is a PREVIEW….maybe Metro UI won’t even make it in the final product….OR MS will get smart and use it for an iPad competitor…but no, I WILL NOT upgrade

  15. As a 1 man IT Tech business I repair, upgrade and sell new pc’s, hunt viruses and perform tweaked rebuilds (fresh O/S installations) on faulty O/S platforms on a regular basis.

    I have many customers who have had new PC’s in the last 12 months and they still want to use XP, others are happy to use Windows 7. In my years as a tech I haven’t sold a single copy of Vista – understandable really!!

    If Microsoft shove this down our throats using the big boys retailers as they have done in the past my business will increase as many people turn away from this abortionary version of Windows.

    Microsoft, make Windows 7 a better product rather than screwing with a product that works.

    Like Vista, this is a Windows version that I’ll skip in the hope that Microsoft comes to its senses and makes a better windows based product.

  16. I will not because I don't have a new computer to begin with. I agree with Jason, it's for a fancy tablet, or fancy notebook with loads of CPU, RAM and HDD. It's only for the gaming system.

  17. Couldn’t agree more. Windows 8, consumer preview, really needs work. I would never buy it as is. Really painful to navigate. “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” applies. Windows 8 desktop and Windows 8 tablet???

  18. Now we all know the only people that are going to buy Windows 8 are the same ones that bought vista, then realized they had to upgrade their vista from home for it even work properly(which cost more money I might add). You ALWAYS skip a OP…and Never buy when first released for its pushed through the ringer and is often buggy and programs won't work properly then you have to run in capability mode it goes on and on. So this time I hope the mass of pc users that have no idea what their pc even is beyond desktop will listen and not buy it.

  19. NO. I’m still an XP user. I don’t like ribbons, buttons, bells and whistles. I like reliable and quick. I don’t like Vista or 7. And Office…..don’t get me started. UGH!

    1. @BW:I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m still using Windows & Office XP and I’m very happy with both. Ribbons belong on packages or in hair, buttons belong on clothing & bells & whistles belong at sporting events, not on computers.

    2. @BW:

      I agree with BW. XP is quick and reliable. No need to ever upgrade. I’d rather repurchase my XP license once every 10 years for forever long continued support.

  20. I don’t necessarily agree with Pirillo about one or the other. Some of my friends like having an option. I can remember when XP came out, a lot of people said it would never make it. At this moment, I will have to say Windows 8 will have to be awfully cheap for me to spend money on it. If there is only one plus I can mention , is the fast boot in 8. I do like 8 because it is different, but from what I see right now, I’ll stay with 7.

    1. I simply cant understand why we keep beating the dead horse…..Windows XP pro was the best, most stable operating system Microsoft ever came up with…I use it to run my recording studio……I think I paid 70 dollars for it On Ebay after loosing my original disk in a move…It works perfectly, is eacy to use, user friendly as they say and Microsoft just wants to sell u more of there experiments and make Bill Gates Richer than he allready is…….Throw all the operating systems away, get windows xp pro service pack 3 and you will now have windows stability issues…….Just saying form someone who has tried most of them and found them to cause me headakes……Kuy

    2. Lynne Morrow the one thing i didn't like about xp is when you have a lot of vdeos like i do and you use thumbnails most of them all you get for a picture is a black blob. Becsause xp made the thumbnail picture from right of the beginning of the video where 7 makes its a few moments into the video. I use to really hate that.

    3. Lynne Morrow, you are right to an extent! I have used Microsoft since Windows 95, and yes it was one of the most stable and longest lasting operating systems that they have had, but I can say I beleive Windows 7 is even better and more stable than all combined for today's commanding computer task, and now they want to come up with a new piece of junk as many are just now getting used to probably the best system they have had yet which I truly beleive will flop just like Windows ME.

  21. I have been playing with the dev preview for a while and now the consumer preview and I can’t stand windows 8 or the metro theme.. Microsoft would not be able to pay me to use windows 8.

    7 or Linux for me.

  22. I have been playing with the dev preview for a while and now the consumer preview and I can't stand windows 8 or the metro theme.. Microsoft would not be able to pay me to use windows 8.

  23. No, I will not. IMHO Windows 8 is not an option for a Desktop PC, especially not for a business! Windows 8 seems more at home with a cellphone or tablet. Windows 8 has no place in a PC enthusiasts machine.

  24. Why don't you explain how Aero and Metro will affect the user literally, most users have no clue what your talking about or how it will affect them individually..what programs, look, whateverr, explain yourself young man!

  25. I tried and tried Windows 8, but I'm really not into it. The interface sucks (metro) and the ribbon style, thing that I never liked in office. It feels that is oriented only for touchscreen users, thing that may make a great number of MS fans to drop the ball this time. Why radically change something good like Win 7, the could have make some update or upgrade to use the new fast boot for example, which is the only real potential feature that I felt is worth.

  26. No way… Haven’t had 7 for 5 minutes.. which I like, but I am using Linux too so I’d rather move to that. I vowed never to buy Windows again after the Vista fiasco but relented after using the 7 beta. Can’t trust Microsoft not to come out with another ME or Vista! They should refund money for Vista.. Shall stick with 7 and use Linux from now on.

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