Windows Guides: How to Upgrade Your PC’s Graphics Card

How to Upgrade Your PC’s Graphics Card

By Rich Robinson for Windows Guides

How to Upgrade Your PC’s Graphics Card

If you’re using an older computer or a computer that came without a dedicated graphics card (GPU – Graphics processing unit), you may have considered getting a more powerful GPU. An upgraded GPU will let you:

  • Play games at higher resolution, detail, and frame rate
  • Play HD video without stutter
  • Use two or more monitors (helpful if you can only use one with your current setup)
  • Speed up photo and video editing
  • In this guide, I’ll show you the basics of finding out what your upgrade options are and how to install a new graphics card.

    Research Your Upgrade Options

    Before you purchase an upgraded GPU, you should first gather some information:

    1. Find your hardware capabilities:

  • Motherboard graphics interface type
  • Current GPU model (if any)
  • Power supply
  • 2. Physical space in your PC

    3. Find the best value upgrade within your price range

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