Windows Secrets Newsletter: A Windows veteran looks at Windows 8

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By Woody Leonhard/Windows Secrets Newsletter

If you download and install Windows 8 Consumer Preview, released late last week, I can almost guarantee that you won’t like it.

I know only a handful of experienced Windows users (who don’t work for or with Microsoft) who say they like Windows 8. But it’s the future, eh?

Microsoft is not building Windows 8 for the garden-variety Windows expert. You and I aren’t being ignored, exactly, but we’re not at the top of the Win8 food chain. As perplexing as it might sound, aiming Windows 8 at a different demographic is probably a good decision. But it still might lead to Windows’ demise.

There’s a good reason why Microsoft is cutting us old salts loose. Money. We aren’t generating enough revenue, and the future looks grim indeed. Microsoft made its basic decisions about moving to a touch-centric world three years ago. That’s before the first iPad was released. Since then, the market has proven Steve Sinofsky right: Microsoft’s traditional PC market has sunk into a funk, and mountains of iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks are rising in its place.

Sales of PCs in the U.S. fell steeply in the fourth quarter last year, compared to one year before. In the U.S., Windows mostly comes preinstalled on new PCs, so any decline in hardware sales is a hit on Microsoft’s revenues, too. PC sales in China soared, but as I reported in a June 2011 post, only five percent or so of new PCs in China ship with Windows. Bottom line: Windows revenue dropped, and it’s likely to drop again — and again.

At the same time, the iPad rolled over the market like a tank — there were more iPads sold in the fourth quarter of 2011 than desktop computers, for heaven’s sake. Nobody predicted that. But Microsoft had enough of a premonition three years ago to start building a radically different kind of Windows, one more attuned to tablets and fingers and less dependent on mice and keyboards.

As things stand, by the time Windows 8 hits the shelves, Apple will have a two-and-a-half-year lead in that part of the market — let’s not mince words — in the iPad part of the market. Can Microsoft catch up? More to the point, can Microsoft catch up without alienating us billion-plus Windows users — especially the ones other consumers look to for advice?

Here’s the rest of the story…

This post is excerpted with permission from Windows Secrets.

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26 thoughts on “Windows Secrets Newsletter: A Windows veteran looks at Windows 8”

  1. Yes You Can remove explorer9 and revert back to explorer 8 all you got to do is go to add & removed programs and uninstall it. then download explorer 8 and install it

  2. I’ll wait and see what Windows 9 brings :-/ I agree on what Peter above said about Metro desktop is colossal waste of screen estate. One can only wonder why Windows 8 still is named Windows. I saw no windows popping up and overlaying part of other windows as in all earlier win versions, they all snapped side by side or above each other. Am i wrong? If not, perhaps we should rename “Windows 8” to “Doors 1” 😀

  3. Only if Microsoft forces us to change over to Windows 8, I'll change, but I do NOT want my laptop to turn into a big smart phone! I'm happy with Windows 7 and just got used to IE9. There will always be a market for PC's, let Apple come out with it and see how well it does. I'm willing to bet that it doesn't go over too well. JMO….

  4. I don’t like the interface for a PC. It is an attempt to clone a windows mobile phone. If I want a win mobile phone, I’ll buy one. As for production in the business sence, it is a waste of time. People are bogged down enough with the social networking crap to waste enough company money with their own phones. They don’t need a PC at work to help with that.

  5. IF ANYONE KNOWS EXACTLY HOW TO REMOVE IE9 from Program files and how to get it out of the Registery in Win Vista 32 Bit would very much appreciate sharing the answer with me, as I have tried everything posted on the Internet and nothing will remove it out of the Registery. I can rename it on “C” Disk and stop it from working but that still is not the answer. THANKS!!

      1. @Chuck: Chuck your link is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

        Despite all the talk of unpinning Internet Explorer in newer versions and all the other crap that is put out by well meaning but uninformed people…the bottom line is that you cannot uninstall the piece of crap. You can only overwrite it with a newer and probably crappier version than you probably have already…thus, having yet more crap to contend with than you did before.

        Microshite deserve to be bankrupt. No other company has treated their customers with so much contempt and have gotten away with so much unlawful activity, than Microshite, and the only reason they have gotten away with it for so long is because they have no real competition.

        Bye, bye Microshite and good riddens to idle rubbish!

  6. Seems to me MS getting some Bad Stuff written, example: IE9, once You Load it You have got it forever Because You can’t delete nor Remove it, Thanks to MS Genius’s??? If You don’t want to Delete “C” Drive and everything else and RE-Load!!

  7. Tried this for three days and gave up in disgust. Poor implementation of a basically sound idea. The new interface is clumsy and does not work too well with a mouse and keyboard. Network packed up after two days so this is still not good either. Be warned if you load it on top of win 7 there is no rollback facility. I also found it slow to respond. Sorry I have labelled this crapware.

  8. Instead of trying to muscle-in on the Ipod/tablet market, they should have concentrated on getting their shoddy software and operating systems right from the outset.

    Instead, the consumer has had to deal with countless bugs, blue screens of death, slow running systems and most importantly, the compromised safety and privacy of millions of its customers, due to the fact that Microshite cared more about gaining an advantage over its competitors, than it did about its customers. Absolutely, nothing has changed!

    Just look at internet explorer, that is the epitome of everything I have said, so far. Microshite have had more than two decades to get it right, but it is still as shoddy and bug-ridden as ever and still as compromised…and I wouldn’t touch it with yours! Microshite are still arrogant and treat their customers with contempt and Windows 7 has proved that, and as for Win 8…

    I predict that the ipod market will fizzle out in about a decade or so as it slowly dawns on people that mobile phones/tablets are no substitute for a real PC…Sadly its just one of them fads that the young and gullible among the populous, falls for…a bit like all those adults reading Harry Potter books because they think it makes them all trendy and down-with-the-kids.

    Instead on making their Operating systems better and not pissing their customers off by giving them something that actually worked properly – not to mention dumbed-down and patronizing and cryptic error messages, they may not have started to loose their customers. The truth is that Microshite are getting exactly what has been coming to them for a long time. I for one, will love and savour their demise as their pathetic attempt to outdo Apple will only lead to their failure. Hahahaha!

    1. @
      Neil: i absolutely agree with your comments re most ipad users will revert to a reasonable size system that allows you to sit back to a day of pc time. however the pc may may not survive that gap in time. i hope they do.

  9. As I posted on another story, just watched this and I hate it. I'm about real productivity, not mindless social networking crap. The only reason I'm on Facebook is to stay in touch with a small number of family members (7 to be exact). Don't need nor want a stream of time wasteing nonsense. I also don't like the way the Win8 system will start trying to direct me towards anything. I'd rather decide for myself what I wish to do and in what order. I'm not into games.

  10. Tried Win8 and didn’t like it at all. I started getting used to a few things and felt it was very fast and responsive. But still would not think of buying it for my laptop or desktop.

    THEN it began corrupting my disk and finally I was unable to boot to anything. I couldn’t fix problems with the Windows disk either and had to use a restore from a backup I had made prior to installing. Once I got control of the partitions Win8 was installed on (and that took deleting the partition with a partition manager), I found both the Win8 boot partition and the DATA partition I was using with it had serious file corruption.

    No more Win8 for this older computer user. Win7 may be the last great OS from MS. Get it while you still can.

  11. I installed it in a virtual machine, played with it for half an hour and killed the VM again. I loaded one of the games and had no idea what to do except clicking the screen in random places which occasionally resulted in some action 2 or 3 sec later, and Win8 felt exactly the same. The metro desktop is a colossal waste of screen estate. It may be OK for small tablets but for any decent size screen I would never want to see that again.

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