One thought on “Enterprise CIO Forum: Death of the PC

  1. Totally agree! Tablets and ipads are just a fad. And sooner or later people are going to realize that these devices are no real substitute for a PC, or at least some of them will, that is, the techno-curious people who are just eager to try out the new technology.

    Of course you will always get people that are just bandwagon jumpers, and as far as I’m concerned, these people make up the vast majority of the tablet/ipad market at the moment.

    Hopefully, and I hope its sooner rather than later, the techno-curious people will go back to their PC’s in their droves as the hype and curiosity of the new technology wears off…which just leaves the sheepeople and the CHAV’s, who fall for and follow, every new trend that will ever come out just so they can brag to their Facebook buddies. Facebook has become the scurge of the internet and is responsible for the rise of the internet CHAV.

    The sooner that these people get off their mobile phones and stop taking up my bandwidth by invading Facebook every evening and weekend, the better I WILL LIKE IT

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