6 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: Quality of Google Search Results Decline?”

  1. I actually found this page by Googling “Google search results have declined” (without the quotes). And my reason for doing that search is that I have been frustrated lately with the poor search results I have been getting. I go out of my way to set up searches where each search term is required, and yet I still get results that are missing one or more of those search terms.

  2. Yes, they are greedy, and yes, I have noticed the search decline. After the privacy fiasco I deleted my gmail account. Google used to be my home page, now I use Startpage, and I have the Do Not Track Plus add-on for Firefox, so for the first time in my cyber life, I am through with Google.

  3. I have an Android phone and I feel violated that everything I do with that phone can be tracked. They do NOT have that right.This is my second Android, but will be my last.

    1. Everything that can be tracked can only be tracked with your express consent. iPhone and Windows phones do the same thing.

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