Dodge Retort: Verizon Wireless limits – there has to be a better way

verizon wireless bandwidth limits

By John Dodge

Verizon Wireless bandwidth, call minutes limits: there has to be a better way

I have been on a work vacation in Florida this week and have used my iPhone hotspot for Internet access. Since that costs $20 a month and it was $30 for a week of the timeshare’s WiFi, I opted for the hotspot. Big mistake.

Verizon Wireless (VW) limits you to a scant two gigabytes a month for the hotspot. It’s grossly inadequate for anyone who needs a reasonable amount of bandwidth for work. VW limitations are punitive and consumer unfriendly. You’re always worried about using too much bandwidth just going too fast on the highway.

Here’s how it went. I got a text from VW three days into the Florida stay saying I have used “at least half” my meager allowance. So I called VW and asked what happens if I went over the allowance.

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