Ask Dave Taylor: Changing Border Color in Windows 7

change windows 7 border color

By Dave Taylor

The Question: Changing Window Border Color in Windows 7?

I don’t want to change my theme, I like my background picture, and I don’t want weird buttons or widgets all over my desktop. I just want to change my window frames from boring grey to pink or orange or some other cheery color. Can I do that in Windows 7 or am I stuck applying themes from Microsoft until I find one I like?

Dave’s Answer:

Microsoft has not left you high and dry, you’ll be glad to know. In fact, it’s pretty easy to monkey around with many of the individual elements of a theme so if you’ve got it just about the way you want, it shouldn’t be too hard to tweak those last few elements without downloading some third party app that just happens to also be malware. In particular, please, never download custom or fun cursor utilities as they’re just a disaster waiting to happen to your PC. Trust me on this one.

To tweak your window frame color you need to start out by going into the Window appearance settings, but you might be surprised at the quick and easy way you can get there from the standard Windows 7 desktop.

Launch your file browser by basically clicking on any folder or choosing it from the GO menu. It looks like this:

change windows 7 border color

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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