Enterprise CIO Forum: Cloud, a trend, an opportunity or a must?

By Christian Verstraete for Enterprise CIO Forum

Cloud Computing a trend, an opportunity or a must?

Cloud computing is being discussed all over the place and seems the answer to everything, from cost reduction to increased agility. What’s the reality and why would a CIO focus on cloud, and then, what cloud? On the CloudSource blog, I nearly finished publishing a series on the business aspects of Cloud and want to give you some highlights.

I’ll point you to the details if you wish to read them.

Let’s start with the business. What megatrends are enterprises confronted with? I typically group them in five buckets:

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Article originally appeared at EnterpriseCIOForum.com.
Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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1 thought on “Enterprise CIO Forum: Cloud, a trend, an opportunity or a must?”

  1. Will people stop talking about the bloody cloud as though its some new fan-dangled concept. It’s not. It’s just a bunch of networked computers on the internet that other people can connect to, ultimately because they offer some sort of service. Get over it!

    So what if the idea has been developed a bit as a natural extension of advancing technology. Who cares! It seems the only people who actually give a toss are wannabe techies (normally older ones) who think they are all trendy and down-with-the-kids, and software companies trying to cash-in on peoples ignorance.

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