Our Favorite Tips: Explore your files using Details in Windows 7

Explore your files using Details in Windows 7

Tip submitted by paulTX

Explore your files using Details in Windows 7

If you are somewhat like me, chances are you have some folder (say, Downloads) holding tons of files. In Windows 7, Explorer allows you to organize those files and search in a couple or two ways in case you need to find stuff.

This tutorial will show you how to sort things in a way that can make your work a bit easier.

First, you need to have Explorer set to Details view. Then you click on these small arrows by each column item.

To know what I’m talking about, just check the images.

Well, I think you’ve realized how these details can be useful for you to sort the files in the folder. Anyway, here’s an example from the same folder. I checked the WinRAR ZIP archive file type and Medium (100 KB – 1 MB) file size, to get the following results:

Nice, isn’t it?

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