BurnWorld.com: Everything You Need To Know About the New iPad

Everything You Need To Know About the New iPad

by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

New iPad Review:
Everything You Need To Know

The new ‘new’ iPad was launched a few weeks ago and for those that are still on the fence or are looking for more info on what this tablet offers then you are in luck. We decided to put together a comprehensive guide on the new iPad so you will know what you are getting into or upgrading to.

After using my new iPad for the past few weeks I can clearly say that it world’s better than the original iPad. This might be because I have had the original since day one and over time it seemed to get bogged down and apps were crashing on a regular basis.

Here is what you will find in this review:

  • Unboxing
  • Retina Display
  • New Camera
  • Faster Processor
  • Video Converting Tips
  • Cons of the new iPad
  • Who the new iPad was made for
  • Unboxing – what’s included in the new iPad box?

    When you open the box and pull out the new iPad, you’ll find a tablet that looks rather similar to the iPad 2. Peel off the protective film, though, and you’re looking at a screen that is vastly improved (more on that later).

    When you pick the tablet up, you may notice that this new iPad is a little heavier and a little thicker than its predecessor. Specifically, we’re talking about a 49g increase in weight and 0.6mm increase in depth – something that some users pick up on whilst others are almost oblivious.
    In the box you’ll also find a USB cable, charger, some stickers and standard documentation. And that’s pretty much it. It’s an elegant, minimalist approach to packaging.

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    This excerpt is shared with permission from burnworld.com.

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