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secrets of blu-ray

by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

Blu-Ray Technology Secrets

Blu-Ray Tech Primer V2: The Facts

We published a primer a few weeks ago about the differences between Blu-Ray and DVD formats that really delved into what really made them diffrent. You might understand that the Blu-ray technology has the advantage over standard DVD in terms of storage and technological advancement and related intrigue, there are still some facts that seem to escape the knowledge of the common man. These are facts that this short article aims to drive home and perhaps should be viewed as somewhat of a laser beam focus on Blu-Ray to go alongside the primer mentioned previously. A Primer v2, if you will.

First Things First

It is called Blu-ray, isn’t it? As has been mentioned countless times, the Blu in Blu-ray is a reference to the colour “blue”; that being the colour of the blue-violet laser that – instead of the previously more common red – is used to read the data from the Blu-ray storage medium. The ray is a reference to “optical ray”, but that is already regarded as common knowledge as well. What a lot of people do not know/understand and subsequently write/spell incorrectly is that one should not refer to the tech as being “Blue-ray” as this “blue” (like the color of the ocean on MSC cruises) does not adequately refer to the name of the tech (even if it is the laser color), it’s technically Blu-ray through and through.

Developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, they’re pretty keen for people to get the spelling and terms of their technology down correctly. It should be known that the “e” is intentionally left off in order for a trademark to be registered and established. This also ties into the “Blu-ray Disc” title being the correct way to refer to the storage medium, as opposed to “disk”, which is technically incorrect. Along with this, the appropriate abbreviation is “BD” and not “BRD” or “BR”.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from burnworld.com.

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5 thoughts on “BurnWorld.com: Blu-Ray Technology Secrets

  1. Blu-ray is better. It’s obviously better in the video department and extremely better in the Audio department. Once you’ve listen to a lossless track – you will not want to hear anything else.

  2. It really doesn’t matter. Blu-Ray is a day late and a dollar short.
    Soon, none of that technology will be any good as we will all be forced to have an ‘internet TV’ and watch everything streamed.

    The home PC will no longer exist in the next (approx) 8 years because we will all be forced to use cloud computing and everyone will have portable internet access with them.

    One the good side of this gloom is the fact that you will use less electricity (no power using PC equipment needed).

    You will however, be forced (without a choice mind you) to pay a monthly premium for access to the internet and your personal data. This will be compulsory and non optional.

    You won’t be able to burn anything to anything as a blu-ray burner won’t hook up to your ipad or similar.

    Oh, my bad. Did I forget to mention that RFID chips injected under your skin will tell everyone everything you do and where you are at all times, including who you are with?

    Technology is great, if not allowed to be abused by companies or governments…

  3. Not a sophisticated user but the only thing I see is that everything marked blu-ray is more expensive, as for better, not so much.

    • @Mike: Cd’s were expensive when they first hit the market. So were DVD’s. Blu-ray won’t be any different until such time that more Blu-ray players get to market and sold. That’s the economics of it.

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