Techlicious: Flashback Malware Hits 600,000 Macs

flashback malware bug hits 600,000 macs

By Suzanne Kantra for Techlicious

Approximately 300,000 Macs in the United States and 600,000 globally have been infected with Flashback trojan, according to Russian Security firm Doctor Web. Infected machines become part of a botnet, available to carry out instructions on behalf of the hacker and can steal password and other personal information from your computer.

According to Dave Marcus, Director advanced research and threat intelligence for McAfee Labs. “There has been a significant increase in Mac malware in the last several quarters, so what we’ve seen with the Flashback Trojan isn’t particularly surprising. Attackers are leveraging years of success from writing PC malware and they’re doing the same thing in the Mac world. Cybercriminals will attack any operating system with valuable information, and as the popularity of Macs increase, so will attacks on the Mac platform.”

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This post is excerpted with permission from Techlicious.

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1 thought on “Techlicious: Flashback Malware Hits 600,000 Macs”

  1. Wait. I thought Macs were virus free! Never attacked becasue of the superiority of the Apple operating system! Truth be told, hackers just didn't want to deal with such a small pwercentage of the market. Windows machines were far more plentiful and the percentages were simpy better.

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