11 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: Why Does Everyone Hate Microsoft?”

  1. I’m in the IT business and support all OSs. I have used them all. I used Windows for years, and then went to Macs. I then went back to Windows when version 7 came out because I found it more usable, reliable and stable for me. I like all of them, but use what get gets the job done for me. I guess I just don’t get the religious wars over machines. But I will say that I think some of it is that folks that buy a particular brand want to support their decision by saying the have the best. They just don’t want to admit that they could possibly have made a mistake.

  2. Microsoft didn’t steal ideas from Apple – both stole the GUI from Xerox PARC.
    Now if you want to know where MS-DOS came from, get an 8-bit computer and a copy of CP/M 2.2 or higher. The resemblance is uncanny – but Gary Kildall was first (and still better).

  3. There can be things which are annoying but I have come to the opinion that the amazing thing is not that WinOS crashes sometimes but that it works with so many different devices to begin with.
    Android is used on millions of phones and tablets. It still has no facility to send a document to a printer easily. Isn’t printing something one would consider a absolutely basic feature of an OS? Go figure.

    1. @Peter: Almost funny, I have never seen a windows phone with a printer connection either. You could Download and run Linux in your computer and you can print all day long, without worry about all the phone home MS activity.

      Computers were going to make us a paperless society, or have you realized the paper Industry went nuts with that motto, and made us dependent on printers thus saving them stockholders a bundle.

      Use Google docs, and when you are near a on-line printer then print your document, or did you want to print while you are commuting to work on your bicycle. Or are you one that is always texting while driving in bumper to bumper traffic on the way to work, with a printer installed in your glove box?

  4. I’ve been a programmer for about 37 years. It has been a truly humbling experience in that I’ve learned how easy it is to get it wrong and how next to impossible it is to get it perfect, if indeed any non-trivial program can ever be bug free. When I look at what MS gives me to work with, what it costs, how rarely it actually fails, and how well their various products work together, I am in amazed. I’m not saying that their stuff perfect is perfect, only that, as a practical matter, it is pretty good stuff, as good as can be expected, and sometimes better than that. I think those who constantly find fault with them either have some bias or really don’t appreciate the task MS sets out for itself and how close it comes to accomplishing that task. I wonder how many of the pundits who seem to make a living at taking pot shots at MS are actually, or have even been, working programmers.

  5. Most tech bloggers have visions of grandiosity of their influence on the market when they really have very little. W7 wasn’t made to please them, but it was made to please most people, and it does. No other OS could work for the masses.

  6. Am not a tech blogger nor a computer guru.
    Have had Microsoft Windows since they started.
    Have not bought Apple machines since I believed they were way over priced. My computer does what I want it to do (most of the time!!) Most of the problems I have encountered have to do with the manufactures of the computers, not Microsoft.

  7. I have never seen what is the big deal about MS OS. Take care of it (updated) and it'll take care of you. Yes there are more folks looking to take down the king of the hill, but hey, I see it as a challenge. Can't remember the last time I had a catastrophic virus. Again take care of it (updated) and it'll take care of you. Stop downloading everything you see, opening every email you get (even though you have no idea who its from, or why your niece would send you an email on where to buy medical supplies over the internet), or pluggin in your friends external hard drive even though she has Twilight before coming out on DVD! I mean, do you drive a car without checking the oil once in awhile, or the water for that matter, or neglect to take it into service periodically, I mean really? MAC's are too restrictive, I have all the freedom I want with MS, way fairly priced over its competitors, and all I have to do is maintain it.

  8. As a Libertarian, I like M$, because I can change so much, okay, maybe too much
    Its prices are fair, and when I go to a M$, its stuff is as K.I.S., and I am usually asked am I satisfied with what I found and do I have any comments
    I realize no one reads my comments at M$, but it does feel good to pretend
    I only use one Apple product, an iPod, which is neat, but I feel so constricted, because I seem to have to go through iTunes to do anything
    Apple seems to put up with Windows as a necessary evil for another penny
    Maybe if I was totally Apple I would like Apple more
    I prefer to buy items fairly priced, by the way, and not double for the name
    I have used Google from its beginning, I do like Google, but I get the feeling the only way it listens is when its enormous db picks up something that needs changing

  9. I have Windows Vista Home Premium and Internet Explorer 9, 32 bit. The only problems I have with my computer is when I have to deal with Adobe, which I have NEVER liked. Dave

  10. I am an IT worker. What ever MS does I end up supporting it. So if I don’t like what they have done I do not get the opportunity to not use it, all I get to have is an opinion. Meaning for my personal computing I can use something else but work related I have no choice. So yea, I hate some of the things they do/produce

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