Everything-Microsoft.com: Windows 9: The ‘Facts’ So Far

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By Everton Blair for everything-microsoft.com

For over 4 years we’ve covered the development of Windows 7, and now Windows 8. It may seem a bit premature to start thinking about Windows 9, but we can assure you Microsoft aren’t and they are already working on this release, even though Windows 8 hasn’t been released yet.

Some details about Windows 9 have been released. Over on Windows 7 News & Tips, Mike has tried to pull together what we know about Windows 9 so far. Below you can read a summary of his post.

x64 only

Back before even Windows 7 was launched Microsoft announced that its successor, Windows 8, would be the very last version of Windows to support the old 32-bit architecture. It was very important that Microsoft made this announcement then. This then gave businesses a six year warning that they’d have to redevelop their ageing legacy software to work with a 64-bit operating system. It also warned software developers that they had just six years left to make sure all of their software, plug-ins and Windows extensions would be 64-bit; probably the most high profile example being Adobe’s Flash player which is only just appearing in a 64-bit beta despite Internet Explorer having gone 64-bit with Windows Vista in 2006.

Possibility: All modern hardware has now been 64-bit for about three years now so there’s no need for hardware manufacturers to catch up. However this will put added pressure on hardware vendors and software companies to run their code through Microsoft certification programmes, as the move to 64-bit may force all unsigned code off the platform (Note: this may happen with Windows 8 )

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This excerpt is shared with permission from everything-microsoft.com.

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9 thoughts on “Everything-Microsoft.com: Windows 9: The ‘Facts’ So Far”

  1. It seems to me that most of the computers being offered for sale for the last year or so; new, refurbished, used, slightly used but serviceable: are only being offered with Windows 7 64 Bit operating systems. This should have been taken as fair warning that 64 Bit was well on its' way.

  2. It's Microsoft's way to keep lots of money and forcing people to buy their products by forcing hardware and softwware venders to run code through Microsoft certification. Making them on top of all branded computers on the market. It's really time for a new operating system and company to break through Microsofts barriers.

  3. I have been running Windows Vista Home Premium and Internet Explorer 9, 32 bit for a few years and have had no problems other than a run-in with Adobe occasinally, over something-or-other type issues. What’s all the excitement about?

  4. stephen whitmore

    As partialy sighted pc user how the heck can we keep up with microsoft software changing all the time. i repair blind persons computers all the time but i find it hard to keep up from windos xp then 7 now 8 and nine where are we supposed to get the cash all the time
    thank you

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