Ask Dave Taylor: How to Get Started with Google Drive

getting started with google drive

How to Get Started with Google Drive

By Dave Taylor

The Question: As a loyal Dropbox fan, I have been hearing increasing rumors about Google’s new Gdrive and how it’ll offer the same basic features, but include tight integration with Google Docs. I use Gdocs a lot, so I’m interested. How do I get started with Google Drive?

Dave’s Answer:

Boy, you’re putting yourself in the middle of what’s going to become a turf war for virtual hard drives in the industry. First there was Dropbox, as you say, then Microsoft showed up with its Skydrive, and now Google’s unveiled its much-anticipated Google Drive (or “gdrive” for short). I won’t write about how they compare because I think it’s a bit early for that analysis and, as you say, you’re already using Google Docs for document management and storage, which definitely suggests that Gdrive is going to be your best bet.

Here’s the wrinkle, though: at this point in time, Google’s slowly lifting the veil on Google Drive, so it’s quite possible that you’ll go to the site and find out that you can’t download it yet but instead will be notified when it’s available for your account.

Not to fear, because while you’re waiting, I can show you all the steps involved in installing and configuring Gdrive on your computer, and when you are ready to download, you’ll find it’s super easy.


Log in to your Google account, then go to the URL. If you’ve been approved to use the service already, then you’ll see this:

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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