Windows Secrets: Image wrangling in Microsoft Word 2010

image wrangling in Word

By Katherine Murray/Windows Secrets Newsletter

Office Q&A: Image wrangling in Word 2010

We include pictures in everything — from blog posts to annual reports to letters to Grandma.

But easy as it is to insert pictures into a doc, we’re often flummoxed by how to keep them exactly where we want them. This article explores a few of the maddening Word picture-placement issues our readers (and editors) have faced.

Fixing text flow disrupted by an added picture
“When I add a picture to my page, it makes a mess of my text formatting, adding lots white space around the picture. And when I add text or try to reformat it, the picture moves to a new place on the page. How can I fix that?”
Word deals with all pictures — including photos, diagrams, drawings, clip art, charts, and WordArt — in one of two ways: as inline with text or as a floating image.

Inline images are treated as if they’re another character in your text, so you might notice lots of space above any figure you simply insert inline. (See Figure 1.) When surrounding text moves, so does the inline illustration. There’s no way to make an inline image stick to one spot on a page.

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This post is excerpted with permission from Windows Secrets.

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