Windows 8 – The View from the Inside

Why is Windows 8 Causing a Panic?

At PC Pitstop, we have a very unique view of the upcoming launch of Windows 8. On one hand, we are part of the Windows universe, and to the extent that Windows 8 is successful, then that is good for PC Pitstop. On the other hand, PC Pitstop and PC Matic exist to fix and repair many of the bone headed ‘features’ in Windows.

Over 6 months ago, our team began its analysis of Windows 8. Microsoft provided us with quite a few keys so everyone including our developers, support and simply the curious downloaded and installed the product. And the verdict is in! No one is very impressed. Here’s why.

The under pinnings of Windows 8 has really nothing to do with computers as we know it such as laptops, desktops, and netbooks. Microsoft is trying to play catch up by leveraging the Windows world in to tablets and also smart phones. Their goal is that all of your devices will run some sort of Windows and Windows 8 is the entry point.

Therein lies the problem. There are literally billions of Windows users, and they are making an operating system that is entirely not for us. To make it more clear. If you are a Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 user, there is really no reason to upgrade to Windows 8.

The problem, however, gets worse. If you are one of the billion or more Windows users, many of the intuitive and comfortable parts of Windows will be missing. GONE. You can spend hours trying to make Windows work like you are accustomed and it is all for naught.

There are two key things missing. The START button is gone. Forever. I know that you are used to it, and you probably click START 10 times per day, but it is gone. On top of that, the search box after you hit START has been moved. Then it behaves differently. There are lots of other differences but these two are the most obvious.

Our contributor, Chris Pirillo, documented how difficult the transition to Windows 8 will be by making a video of his father suffering through the changes.

Watch Chris Pirillo’s father fumble through the new Windows 8.

But here’s the view from the inside. We are old PC veterans at PC Pitstop, and many of our former colleagues have gone off to work at HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba and others. There is almost a consensus. There is a panic. All of them have made the trek up to Redmund begging them to put back the START button.

One of the larger PC OEM’s actually did a full focus group of real customers to go through the pain of switching to Windows 8. Each customer would be compensated and they would be video taped. Many of the customers after trying for a while left in frustration without being compensated.

Another PC OEM decided to hack into Windows 8 and put back in the start button. Guess what? They succeeded. Except Microsoft informed them they would be in violation of their contract. Ouch.

After all this, however, I am optimistic. The PC OEM’s understand what we the billions of Windows users want, and they are fighting for us. Microsoft makes an outrageous amount of money on royalties on new computers, and it is my sincere hope that they will stop ignoring them.

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143 thoughts on “Windows 8 – The View from the Inside”

  1. Hi All!
    Unfortunately, I’m using Windows Hate…oops, I mean “8”…and I’m so completely frustrated that I’m ready to scream!! I’m the owner, ONLY user & ‘Administrator’ of this giant piece of CRAP, and the paranoid screwballs at Micro$oft have put so many barriers in this OS that I’m completely at a loss. I’m “denied access” to MY OWN ‘Pictures’; ‘Program Files’; ‘Program Data’…just to name a few things, and since I’m a ‘casual user’, meaning I only read & write emails, play games, browse the internet to read about things that interest me, my PC has nothing on it that I didn’t put there myself.
    No one else uses my PC, nor ever will. How do I ‘give myself permission’ to access EVERYTHING I WANT TO on my own PC?? I’ve tried several times to change the ‘sharing’ settings, but after receiving red-lettered message boxes stating that I’m not ‘allowed’ to even TRY to make such changes I gave up in disgust. What does M$ think it’s doing setting up an OS like this? It is. after all, MY PC, and I should be the one to make these decisions on ‘access’, NOT M$! Does anyone know
    how to change the settings so I can ‘permit myself’ access to my own files? PLEASE HELP ME before I uninstall this utterly horrid OS & install my beloved XP on this PC!!! Thanks to any & all who offer suggestions. I really appreciate your help.

    1. @Donna: This is not an answer to your specific question, but a word of sympathy and a plea not to give up on Windows 8 because the underlying operating system is fast and stable. Just install the free Classic Shell and your Windows 8 will become like Windows 7 with wings – there is even an XP start menu style option. I played golf on Tuesday with a retired university professor who told me he was going to return his new laptop to the store because he could not make head nor tail of Windows 8. I told him about Classic Shell and he phoned me a couple of days later to say all was now well. I spent a lot of time understanding Windows 8 and its Modern (Metro) Start Screen and sorted it into a usable state, but did not find it relevant to my personal computing needs and nowadays use it only in desktop mode with Classic Shell, bypassing the Modern Start Screen on startup. I hope you get your User Account control problem sorted. There is an answer out there somewhere if you look in the right place. I’ll have a look around myself when my computer allows me some spare time. 🙂

  2. and that guy Lee Ray is calling other people trolls? lol

    Spoken like a true liberal Lee Ray tell me did you invent political correctness

  3. Just another reason to switch OS. Though I run XP and Vista on several machines, I usually have it as a second OS on a dual boot Linux / Windows machine. Sounds like time to switch them all to just Linux, and get rid of MS totally. If program can't run on Linux, or an emulator, then might be time to change that as well. Just my ramblings. Have been using Linux as my main OS since ME came out. Prior to that was on Warp OS/2, which I changed to from 9x. Needless to say have not been a fan of MS for many years.

  4. I’m amused that some people are saying that they love the Apple, and it’s looks. If you look at the Apple logo you will simply see an apple with a bite out of it. What happened to Snow White & Adam and Eve?
    We are recommending Windows 7 Professional, or for those that are serious business users, Windows 7 Enterprise Edition.

    What everyone is missing is the foundation of both company’s leaders. Bill Gates, and Steve Jobes, were two kids working out of a garage. Initially with a single thought in mind ….. create a personal computer. However, they had a difference in opinion that led them to stray apart. One ended up being Apple, and the other Microsoft, or the PC.
    The Apple is a great “Graphics Engine” and performs well in the print and advertising/media areas. But, it can’t crunch numbers like a PC. And vice versa,
    The only thing to remember is two things. The Apple followers are a “Cult” of worshipers. You can’t even talk PC to them.
    Secondly,never take on a Microsoft operating system without waiting for the first Service Pack. We are Microsoft’s Beta testers. They love to make money and in house Beta testers cost money. We are the Guinea Pigs!

  5. I’m a wordsmith, one of many who’s lives were improved by going to software from an old Royal. I started with a Tandy 100 and 286 processor, really bad software but it was better than carbon paper and white out. Windows came along as did Word Perfect, Gawd what a wonderful invention. WP was even bundled with new computers. Until Gates and Co decided that we need a new O/S every other year, whether we really need one or not – and along the way decided that their MS Word was better and we didn’t need WP.
    MS Word, what a piece of crap! We still upgraded our WP, so Gates and cronies set about killing WP by refusing to allow their O/S installed on new computers if any software other then theirs was installed. It just about bankrupted a very decent compnay that put out the finest word processor in the world.
    They have hopped from one O/S after another, sending out daily fixes, along with secret codes that cause any number of problems with programs that aren’t microshaft, including; yup, WP. So WP sends out updates to fix the fixes and so it goes.
    Millenum was a piece of crap, so they sell vista and offer nothing in the way of refunds to the suckers who bought millenum, then comes 7. We barely get used to this RAM hogging, slow poke piece of crap than the same gang of idiots, no doubt desperate to pump up sales, now push 8.
    I still use virtual XP on my 7-driven dell because it is user friendly, it does the work I need done and doesn’t load the computer up with tons of crap that I don’t need or want.
    Thank the powers that I am at retirement age. I can’t take much more progress.

    1. Some wordsmith: You should have written:

      I’m . . . . one of many WHOSE” lives. “Who’s”is an abbreviation for “Who is.”

      Millenum is misspelled.

      “dell” should be “Dell”.

      Etc, etc

      I’m glad you’re not typing for me!

  6. Add programs to it and it is just another Windows, new look. It took me a while but this is me using it now. I sure understand people liked Windows XP but support for it is gone and then there are people who won't even use a computer. You do need to install programs you use on it. After that your off and running like always.

  7. what do you except it's microsoft for you? they have spent years trying rip of Apple and Linux they finally come up with something they call there own and manage to even stuff that up I'm just so glad I switched to Mac last year after spending many years putting up with the annoyance of windows I Can't wait till apple launch its new OS this summer with mountain Lion it will wipe the floor on windows 8 but apple having being do that to microsoft for years LOL.

    1. you elitist Apple people ought to take a chunk out of yourselves , their equipment is over priced carefully marketed crap designed to look great but in reality breaks down just as often if not more that microsoft stuff( easy to hide as there is not as much of it out thier if you exclude that idiotphone that does everything except be a phone a trait which it is uncommonly rubbish at.
      Every hollywood film you see shows some guy or gay using a mac , talk about marketing bias Lion may well wipe the floor with wndows 8 , but then windows eight is a serious operating system as was 7 and XP before it used by millions of people and business the world over not a glorified 192K music player , still ( after 20 years) still mostly incompatable with everything

  8. Neil, you sound like a very short man with a stick up his a**. Talk about arrogant jerks…you take the cake. Do you just do these posts to satisfy your need to show your superiority or are you just a rude self absorbed a**h***.

  9. Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah! I have Apple. Microsoft should quit trying to be an Apple. They’re too micro and too soft.

  10. Windows 8? Pfft, I already have Windows 95!

    But seriously, why do we NEED to upgrade? Heck, give me USB support for NT4 and I’d go back to using it. Does eveything I need in an O/S.

  11. Oh my. Poor Dad. This was too painful to watch. And after the pain I just went through myself buying Windows 7 TWICE before finally getting a legit copy for my desktop, this is my last Windows OS. Ubuntu, here I come (well, eventually).

  12. Oh my. Poor Dad. This was too painful to watch. Ana after the pain I just went through myself buying Windows 7 TWICE before finally getting a legit copy for my desktop, this is my last Windows OS. Ubuntu, here I come (well, eventually).

  13. Wait until version "ultimate 8" "8plus" or " win9"… During this time…. patch and try to understand the new Apple version Microsoft. This remind me of somethings like Windows 3.1?

  14. Timothy Alberts

    with all that has been said here i would say if you like XP, vista, win7 or even win8 stay with the os that you like or love

  15. Groovin in AVL

    Solve your problems & find liberation. Just plain move to Linux (Ubuntu). You will extend the life of your hardware another 5 years. More stable, more secure. No more M$soft tax. Yes, there may be some configuration issues, but a google search will walk you thru 99% of them. Better than Windows as for some of its problems there is no solution.

  16. OK – I have been playing with 8 for about 45 days now. This one is the big brother of Millennium. Anyone remember that bomb of an OS? I’ve had every version of Windows from 3 on up – Win 95 was a major departure from 3 while 98/NT/Vista/7 seemed to be more of an evolution as one went from OS to OS. This one is off the charts – bulky, highly user unfriendly, etc. I shudder to think of even trying to deploy this to the average user. Based on any deployment model I can envision, this will take massive amounts of training and an ungodly number of complaint calls to tech support. The officers I work with won’t be seeing this soon – we deployed 7 to the field laptops last year (after using it in-house for several months and getting our LOE apps updated for it) and that made most of them very happy. 8 is a nonstarter OS as far as I’m concerned and I sure won’t be recommending it for department use.

  17. Please tell Ric about ARM in Windows 8. It’s amazing how folks read one out of date news item and then ignore anything else that is published on the subject.

  18. I find this quite amusing. You have a bicycle that takes you to work each day. Then they give you a motor car and you don’t ‘like’ it because you have this dashboard in front of you. You don’t have a bell any more – you have a hooter. And you can’t get the pedals to go round. But ‘Oh dear’ – panic sets in because it goes a bit faster but you can no longer feel the wind in your face.
    I would like to know why fictitious ‘millions’ are quoted as not wanting Windows 8. There are a lot of folks I know who have taken a good look at the positive aspects of this new operating system. The only constant in the IT industry is change. Otherwise we would still be cranking magneto telephones to communicate. By the way – all my pc’s have a keyboard and mouse and no touch screen and once I select the ‘Desktop’ tab – everything I need is available on a normal desktop just like Windows 7. As for the ‘Start’ button – I very seldom use it – if ever.

    1. @Basil Louw:

      Bad anology. You don’t exchange your bike for a car, you already have a car (PC) and a motorbike (mobile). Both have advantages (you can take the motorbike and park it everywhere, but you can take a lot more people and luggage in your car) and disadvantages. Yes, you want your car to evolve (faster, better mileage, safety belts and airbags), but no, you do not want handlebars replacing your steering wheel and footpedals just because the hipsters on the block say driving a motorbike is more cool. You just want each of them to get better in their own way, not a hybrid monster.

    2. I am one of those “ficticious millions” that will not employ the use of windows 8. The negative out-weights the positive as far as I’m concerned, and just to be clear, I have over 20 years of Windows and Mac installations and repairs.


  19. Well, I have always fought the many stupidities an non senses of Windows OS’s since W95, I am halfway of that we can call a “power user”, and yes Windowes are good but every time they make “pluff’s” that falls from any common sense (when not close to robbery like W. Me or W. Vista).
    I love xOS, but I hate the tyranny and abuse of Apple.
    And now , Tachan…Windows 8!!! …. We will be left out of any mercy …. Time to really switch to Linux?
    Yes, I think this is the time.

  20. Another totally bogus part of Windows 8. There will be NO way of watching a DVD movie.

    Bugs fly through open windows.

    1. @Ric:

      Funny that… I’ve run several DVD’s on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It comes with Media Player and Media Center, so I don’t know what crap you’ve read.

  21. it seems to me that microsoft can see android taking off in a big way so they have designed windows 8 using apps like android and i see that apple i pad have concern over this low cost rival they are bringing out a cheaper version of i pad, poss around £150 gbp.

  22. I hope you finally showed your dad how the thing works and it would have been nice to include that in the video instead of leaving us hanging. THANKS PIRILLO!

  23. I go back to the Windows 3.0 days and am quite happy with Windows 8.
    There is a learning curve and if you’re not willing to spend a little time getting used to the changes, you’ll be very disappointed.
    Once you’ve invested the time, you’ll have a system that’s faster than anything you’ve used before. It’s certainly safer than it’s predecessors. If you don’t like the Metro apps, simply go right to the desktop. If you don’t like the new start menu, install “classic shell”
    That should make you love windows 8.

  24. I stand by my earlier comment that not being able to use is equal to not having. Since my earlier comment I have looked at this new OS and see that it is a learning process. What to do now is to gather all the information you can. The best is out on internet, so go inquire. With the size of hard drives out there multiple OS on the same computer is possible. Keep your seven for now, lean 8. If your wondering how do I with 8 ask out on internet. This OS reminds me of Apple, some people are going to go there easy. I am going to get ready for 8 because it is coming, NO FEAR. I plan to advise my friends what I see because my computer is my phone too. Early on I like 8 but I have a lot to learn about it. I have a feeling I am going to love it.

    1. Well, if this OS looks like Apple then it's certain that I'm not going to install it. That's enough for me… Apple OS are terrible in every way, take a look at the Lion OS, for instance. Is Microsoft starting to work like Apple, with agressive marketing policies and nazi restrictions?

  25. Big Grin. I downloaded Windows 8, excited to find all the new bells and whistles.
    I spent a month with it and lost all hope.
    Went out and purchased Windows 7 disk and re-loaded.
    Now, Now I have that big grin.
    8 ain’t great. Phooy!


  26. I did try windows 8 in a Acer Iconia, a hybrid between a tablet and a PC, I could not make it work properly eventhough is a full touch screen laptop/tablet.

  27. How old am I? I think that the only wow OS that Microsoft has released is windows 98. Now that was a good OS> Windows 7 Had a great purpose. I’ve helped a lot of people, especially. Seniors with a host of their issues and every time we worked out a solution.
    Windows 8 is a piece of trash. what were they thinking. I know they want to have every device known to man depend on them. I hope it works the opposite way.
    Windows 8 where do I start. That’s it no start button control + alt + delete will not let you shut down an unresponsive program. No windows media center. you have to pay extra for that. I cannot use my HP printer. there are no drivers for windows 8
    People can add a lot to this list. So whats the point? Microsoft, scrap it It just doesn’t work and you don”t want to change or listen to the CONSUMERS who are giving you positive feed back. Wake up!!!

    1. @Michael J. Fenton:

      As I’ve stated for decades, once the original old-timers (e.g. myself and my peers) grow older and begin to retire the computer world is going to start slipping downhill and, such as a snowball started to roll down the mountainside, gaining speed, and growing ever larger from the retirees as they get swallowed up, ever increasing. Their will certainly be an increasing need for more technicians and independent consultants, but at what cost? None of them will have what it takes to making it even close to what we’ve been providing. The older of the replacement technical force will lag behind for about 10-15 years, then start to come of age. Cynical, maybe, but won’t change the inevitable.

      99+% of users make comments such as Mr. Fenton and most others who are joining in with same complaints, each acting as though they really know about most of what they are complaining, are just picking up on and joining all the other chicken little’s. Every complaint contains some stupid about how there is no more “Windows Start Button,” when, in fact it still exists, right where it always has been for years (e.g., hold your mouse pointer over the area in the bottom left corner of the desktop…hidden, not removed; plus most keyboards have their own “Windows Start Key” on the left bottom corner and even sometimes on the right (e.g. most are put between the and keys.

      Then, you have folks that say they are independent consultant…yet they are using old hardware and old software. The biggest complainers are those running old opsys’, software and hardware. They claim that XP software doesn’t work on newer opsys versions because they have trouble with them. Had they merely been keeping up on all drivers and software versions (e.g. XP SP3), as well as kept their systems configured properly they’d find a big improvement in system efficiency. I used to run Vista 32 Ultimate and it had no problems with software that was XP SP3 compatible and most of the time with XP and XP SP2. Also when nothing else was available that was Vista Ultimate compatible, you could install/run Windows 2000, or XP SP3 programs/drivers. Using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit opsys, is just as compatible, if you keep everything up-to-date. Those who configure/run a properly maintained/configured Vista/Win7 Ultimate will find these more efficient/compatible than any of the various non-Ultimate versions. Why? Because Microsoft put everything into “Ultimate” and cut out various coded portions of the others, leaving them less reliable/efficient/compatible and more problematic.

      Why would anyone who knows anything about PC’s/Mac’s think that a non-released Windows version is cause to jump ship and buy a couple of dinghy’s? Through Apple’s entire history, they had one edge over the MS opsys…and that was graphical designing and graphics in general. But, MS closed the gap and now there’s no difference…MS may have even climbed a bit higher. But, in ALL the yeas Apple has only been able to claim no more than at about 15%-20% market share globally, while MS Windows tops them all with about 90+% market share for decades.

      Apple has a loyal and dedicated following, but rivalry does exist amongst the users. Also, costs are much higher for Apple systems and peripherals, due to their way of marketing. The have always tried to keep their hardware much more proprietary, so if wanted something for their models, you had to buy Apple brand. On the other hand, PC’s have a huge network of suppliers and your not not tied into Microsoft for ANY hardware/peripherals, making costs much, much cheaper overall. And the PC was started with the idea that users should be able to upgrade their own equipment…again, Apple chose the proprietary path.

      So, don’t just drop Microsoft in lieu of Apple…no reason. If you don’t want Win8, just wait to see if their next version will be better. You’re not being forced to choose 8 and Win7 will be around for quite some time to come. 🙂

      1. @Skylark: There is no other way of saying it…but you are a first class buffoon.

        You come on here and pretend to know what you are talking about, when in fact you are just spouting drivel. In fact, not one thing you said was accurate in its entirity, just half-truths to go along with your half-baked ideas.

        I see you put yourself up to be a knowledgeable computer user…what a joke! I’m not even going to bother on the likes of you, because whatever I say will be lost on you. Over your head and away with the fairies, no doubt!

        However, concerning the start button? The start button is only present for developer versions and not consumer previews. When the beta came out (which is what the consumer preview is) the start button was scrapped completely.

        I bet you thought you were being really clever, didn’t you? When all those other idiots out there couldn’t find what was in front of their nose? And all along, it was you being the idiot because you didn’t even realize that there were two preview releases.

        What a joke!

        1. @Neil: Uh…. I’m on the consumer preview now… and its there. For the record, I remember a time when everyone said this about the 7 beta. Or about Longhorn. Anyway, Thats my .02. Don’t bother replying, I won’t ever check this again. Not interested in a “My a+ is better than urs zomg!! pissing match.”

  28. 2WTCenterSurvivor

    As an independent consultant, I have been delighted by Windows XP for many years and pending cutoff of support in 2014, many clients are still on it. Cost and verification of primary software running on Windows 7 being the big problem, plus my own time performing total reinstalls as there is no migration path. Vista was a joke, enough on that. Windows 7 is another joy, and then I tried out the consumer copy of 8. OMG. My clients would run for the hills, this is truly awful. START is gone, PROGRAMS is gone, everything is dumbed down in the worst tradition of Vista. And WHY? WHY is Microsoft reinventing their profitable wheels yet again. Windows 7 is FAR from dead, and it is maturing nicely. Windows 8 reminds me of OS/2 Warp as I write this. There is NO NEED TO DO THIS. STEVE BALLMER, listen UP. Shut the damn thing down now.

    1. @2WTCenterSurvivor: Well I would imagine there are two reasons dumbing-down/feature removal. First, I’m sure, they want to expand their customer base. The GUI might confuse an acquainted windows user but for those in years; “windows for dummies” might actually be easier. Making windows more accessible to younger children gives an early cold-shot of windows. The younger the addict the dealer can addict; the more likely they have a life-long customer. As for the feature removal…. well… The feature removal seems, to me, a rather asinine method of command and control. What I mean here is that it will make it more difficult for the common user to pirate/crack/p2p/alter windows in any way. This also seems to be another step towards owning the virtual soul of windows users (LOL). Personally I prefer any form of Linux over windows but I am also a gamer. As such; I gotta keep a windows PC for compatibility issues. It’s all about the green backs in the end.

  29. thank you kindly for your remarks on the useless windows8 i feel so sorry for your father,i am one of the wise when i heard
    about win8 i quickly purchased two apple macs
    i only have one regret,wasting 20 years with apple are world leaders.r bailey
    weymouth dorset.

  30. I’ve been using 8 starting with the developers preview and now the customer preview. I don’t like; loss of start button, hate the small text offered on the start screen and too many tiles. I will buy another Windows 7 package and wait for windows 9 or 10. Microsoft is in for a shock when it doesn’t sell To desktop or laptop users. 12 years experience fixing Windows problems in my community of homeowners.

  31. Everybody always says these things when MS bring out a new OS , talk like a rampaging mob in their consensual agreement that the newbie on the block is a heap of crap, vista was bad at the start but by the time of SP2 it had solved all its problems and was nearly win 7 anyway, BUT what did people do they all went out an purchased a rebranded Vista SP3 at £200 when they could have just waited for MS to improve Vista for free with another service pack called windows 7.
    Microsoft know what they are doing and how stupid people are,
    They make a revolutionary change in a new OS everybody moans as they all do so they improve it with updates and service packs until everybody stops moaning and its “Just cooked to perfection” and the moaning stops , then they bring out an identical OS ( Win 7) in this case at low cost to them , because they have already cured all the problems in the previous and make a killing at £200 a time from the muggish public under the buying plebs assumption that it’s a totally new product
    The same will happen with Win 8 as it did with millennium and 2000

    1. @john walsh:
      As you said… NEARLY Win7… but… not quite! I still have hair pulling frustrations with Vista (windows Virus as i call it) even with service packs installed. Sorry.. but the cost of purchasing Win7 in lieu of an “upgraded Vista” doesn’t make me an idiot.. it makes me liberated. Bear in mind the service packs after SP1 came out AFTER Win7 was released. They didn’t make Win7 a continuation of Vista fixes.. they made Vista to be more like 7.

      1. Ok I accept what you say , if that really is the case , of course we dont know if the Vista work was held back for the launch of Win 7 , which would make marketing sense for MS as they would not want people to be too satisfied with Vista, resulting i reduced sales , service packs are free, new operating systems are not, so if you were running Microsoft and the service pack was ready for release before the launch of “Vista Mark 3” what would you do?
        Remember XP SP2 that service pack was the most radical change to any OS system ever produced and it was entirly free,
        Microsoft were not about to make such a stupid mistake again , they could of called XP S or XP super repacked it and hit the shelves at another $200 a pop neting them another 5 or 6 billion

        Sometimes you have to think about these things most “idiots” as you put it dont!!

  32. “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”

    Laurence J. Peter (1919 – 1988)
    US educator & writer

  33. Hey,,you all guys sounds you haven’t tested windows 8 at all.All i can say is, it is more optimize than windows 7 ,fast & secure..most importantly you don’t need a super hardware specs to run it..i managed to run it on my Amd Duron Pentium 3 desktop pc,without any hassle believe it or not!

  34. I am a self-taught Windows Remote Support Expert for residential computers. I started with Windows 95 and got hooked right away. When search engines, especially Google became gateways to infinite knowledge (not just technology), my learning curve took-off like a rocket. It's great fun helping someone discover many mysteries about Windows XP, Vista and 7. I can honestly say that the biggest reward is not the money, it's the gratification and excitement I hear on the phone or through Skype. And it's all accomplished in the comfort of their home while I connect to their PC from the comfort of my home. I mean, really! Who would have thought that digital hands could reach around the world and fix something that is driving another person crazy on their Windows PC. Yep, I have a passion for what I do and it's a never ending journey…

    1. @Lee Ray: And your point is? Are you looking for some kind of medal for your services to Windows? Or are you hoping that Bill-I’m a total elitist tosser- Gates will be reading, and send you a nice big, fat, juicy check through the post.

      Well you can go take your passion and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Of course, as far as Windows 8 is concerned, you can see all the $$ signs before your eyes as you relish the thought that you will be one of the very few people to learn almost everything about that piece of sh*”t called Windows 8. Just so you can charge extortionate rates to the poor unsuspecting idiots that you help.

      Some people would call it money for old rope. I call it daylight robbery!

      1. @Neil:

        I feel sad for you. You don’t know me, you have never had work done by me, and yet you attack my post. You are probably suffering from bi-polar disorder or some other special needs affliction. Please listen to others and not just me: (Go see your doctor and find out what’s wrong). There is no need to live a life of misery and be a troller on the Internet. With some help and possibly medication, you can become well again. Trolling will make you feel more and more quilty by distancing yourself from others. You are probably a good person who just needs a little boost from a family member or a friend to seek the help you need.

        I know other people who are reading this will keep their fingers crossed that you will get back-on-track in your real life and become a well person.

  35. I am a self-taught Windows Remote Suppor Expert for residential computers. I stated with Windows 95 and got hooked right away. When search engines, especially Google became gateways to infinite knowledge (not just technology), my learning took-off like a rocket. It's great fun helping someone learn how to enjoy many mysteries about Windows XP, Vista and 7. I can honestly say that the biggest reward is not the money, it's the gratification and excitement I hear on the end of the phone or headset when I am teaching a client how to do anything on a computer from A to Z. PS: Windows 8 stinks! 😉

  36. OK, I love how everyone keeps talking about it requiring a touch screen and how annoying it would be to have to touch (and clean) your hi-res monitor. You realize the Metro interface is already really successful and intuitive and people love it… on thier TV via their XBOX and Kinect… now think of a Kinect built into each monitor that sells for a PC or the kinect peripheral already being supported by PCs in the first place. Now you’d have a UI built to interface with close range 3 dimensional gestures. They’ve already proved that the XBOX version is seriously throttled on resoluton and have already done finger tracking. It could be that you don’t need a keyboard anymore or a mouse. You just use the gestures and hand/digit and depth of field recognistion… Maybe try not living in the past? 🙂 I’d pay the hundredish bucks to be able to just gesture above my keyboard to do mouse type stuff (moving the cursor, swapping screens, selecting a file.. etc).
    Remember it is NOT built for touch screens. It is built for GESTURE management of the UI (which does work for touch screens but is way more powerful with a kinect type interface)

  37. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are missing the point. If Microsoft is forcing this issue, why don’t we just switch to Ubuntu Linux, and ask all the Game programmers to do likewise? Ubuntu does come out with new releases every six months, and most versions will allow you to maintain the User Interface in a manner that you are used to. Windows XP will be reaching the end of it’s useful life in about 6 or 7 years, Windows7 about 2 years later, start migrating to Linux, more secure, and more responsive.

  38. I work as a computer technician, specializing in the home and small business user base, and the Windows 8 preview has caused me no shortage of anxiety. I remember when Vista came out, and MS decided to do away with the written word "Start" on the start button. Often, during phone support sessions with confused customers, I could not simply tell them to click the "Start Button" any more. They did not understand what I meant. I needed to ask them to look for "A button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen that has the windows logo on it". Not only did it take extra time, but customers would sometimes still fail to understand what I was asking them to click. Now that windows 8 is going to obscure even more of the common and familiar features of the Windows OS, I can already anticipate the difficulties I will face in explaining it to the confused. I sincerely hope that MS adds more graphical cues to ease navigation for first-time users.
    On a lighter note: I did take a certain sadistic glee in installing Windows 8 on one of our demo stations and asking one of our receptionists to shut it down for me. She eventually gave up.

  39. Microsoft seems to want to see their stock do a Netflix style crash by also ticking off their customers.

    Let them continue down this path and a Netflix what happens Next.

  40. Both W7 iand W XP are user friendly if you have The Missng Manual for “7” to refer to, I have one in the laptop and the other in the desktop and I just do websites, spreadsheets, and photography and I am 93 nearly 94.
    It would be kind of MS for us Luddites if they would keep servicing W XP and W7 when they bring out the final W8, but sadly they haven’t shown much evidence of kindness so far!

  41. Windows 8 will be Microsoft’s biggest failure not because it isn’t innovative, or gutsy, but because it suffers horribly from the Microsoft hubris of thinking they know what users want. Think about all the automatic decisions even Windows 7 makes that you have learned to (Esc)ape from or ignore because it was a stupid assumption on Microsoft’s part.

    Windows 8 has taken this hubris to another level, and, it rankles, alienates, embarrasses, and ultimately insults normally intelligent people that ACTUALLY DO know what they want to do. They just need the damn toolbox to display the available implements, and they’ll choose a Phillips or a blade or a crow bar or a saw or sandpaper when they see the need. They DON’T need some idiot operating system decisions guessing on the basis of half-baked behavioral analytics that I want a modal dialog box popped up in front of my FACE! Or, that I don’t want to have a run command to execute a program that isn’t visible because the stupid screen icons don’t leave room for me to quickly see it!

    I would be highly interested in just exactly how many EXTERNAL focus groups Microsoft used to design this pig.

  42. Windows 8 is destined to fail anyway because it is not Windows 7. XP had years to evolve and people loved it then Vista come out and far to many people tried to run it wilout enough ram and therefor called it crap. People just do not like change Windows 9 will be a winner you wait and see. Oh and its easy to get a start orb on 8 anyway ;-).

  43. Windows 8 is destined to fail anyway because it is not Windows 7. XP had years to evolve and people loved it then Vista come out and far to many people tried to run it wilout enough ram and therefor called it crap. People just do not like change Windows 9 will be a winner you wait and see. Oh and its easy to get a start orb on 8 anyway ;-).

    1. Tristian Corbett
      What they have doing is releasing an OS with ARM support. I am sure M$HQ know that upgrades to 8 are not going to happen and with the outcry with the public preview and the disabling of the reg hack to disable Metro I am pretty sure it will be back as an option in either the beta or full RTM. 8 is nothing more than a bridging OS bringing us to 9 in 2014 2015 when people will be ready again to embrace something new. And what if Direct X 12 is not backwards compatible with 7? then I think you will find hard core gamers will migrate. Anyway 8 is not the demon people are making it out to be its the people afraid to change.

      If I could afford a touch screen monitor or an overlay kit for one of my screens then I would switch to 8 when it goes RTM

  44. MS has come to a fork in the road. And they do not know which path to take, the familiar PC path, or the more recent tablet path. So they create Win8 to take both paths. They will end making no one happy. There are two markets, one dying but a cash cow, and the other expanding, a rising star. You can’t kill two birds with the same stone when they are moving in different directions. Milk the cow and feed the star. You’ve got, as Carl Sagan was fond of saying, billion and billions of dollars (stars).

    I can’t believe Apple is eating your lunch from the after life. All but the last shovel of dirt had been tossed on them.

    1. it's not about how much money they need. it's about them making bad products and trying to make money with them. and trying to increase as much as possible the control over everything…

  45. Gary Stanullwich

    If, more than one person, got together and petitioned against Microsoft’s beligerance in putting Windows 8 to market, and…….complained to consumber groups, then we (the Windows users) might have a chance at making Microsoft come to their senses. I’d be willing to sign the petition.

  46. This site is just mad because they will no longer be needed to fix things, sorry but You were useless to begin with. Windows 8 can do everything Windows 7 do and more, so what’s the problem? the Search is gone? are you retarted? the search is 10x better in Windows 8.

  47. I tried Windows 8 and guess what, I did not like it for 2 reasons, (1) like you stated, the hidden startup switch and (2) the resource use, it demands double the resources of Windows 7. I understand that they want you or better said pushing you to buy a new PC, after all that is the true nature. It is a shame that in 12 years all PC’s require over 1000% more resources to do the same thing. I will stay with Windows XP as long as I can without changing programs unless it is absolutely neccessary.

  48. Michael Azp Williams

    I am also using Windows 8 on one of my business machines. I like it, but it took me a while to get used to the new layout. I don't like the layout, but I could learn to live with it. If you are someone that just goes on your computer to surf thenet, I would NOT recommend upgrading, at least until Microsoft put the start button back in. It would NOT be worth the aggravation of learning the new OS. If you DO upgrade, wait till Windows 8 for Dummies comes out. I plan on it!

  49. Michaelarowley

    Its to bad Apple didn’t have enough money to finish their lawsuit agains Microsoft when the look and feel as well as many features were originally stollen from them. If they had we wouldn’t have this problem. We would have one superior operating system from Apple and that would be it.

    From the beginning Apple has been superior.

    1. @Michaelarowley:

      Apple is sitting on a ton of cash (look at their balance sheet).

      Why would they waste money on a suit when MS is shooting themsleves in foot with Win 8.

      The market will be more effective then lawyers.

      I may be moving to an Apple in Win 7 is the end of the line.

  50. Kahlan Nightwing

    “Are they trying to drive me to Mac?”

    Fabulous review of what Windows 8 looks like right now.

  51. Pete Christensen

    So basically the pattern where every other Windows release is a failure will continue. I'll wait for Windows 9.

    1. @Pete Christensen:

      It’s understandable that Microsoft would want to vigorously compete in the tablet/smartphone market. What’s not understandable at all is that Microsoft would throw everyone else under the bus to do so.

      I love Win7 x64. I have a very powerful computer (several actually) and the multitasking, security, multimedia and all the rest of the Win7 x64 OS are fantastic compared to, say, Windows XP. I’m an IT pro with 30 years experience in the computer industry and use Win7 in business production environments extensively. Win7 is amazing for it’s versatility and ease of deployment and all my clients love it too.

      Vista was like a huge beta test for Windows 7. Vista introduced some of the major changes from XP and after the problems with Vista were discovered and worked out all of a sudden here’s Windows 7 with the problems Vista had corrected and not a LOT of difference otherwise. If Vista will run on a given machine so will Win7, the people who shelled out big bucks for Vista should have been given Win7 either for free or at a HUGE discount.

      It had always been a rule of mine NEVER to upgrade or switch to a new Microsoft OS until it was at LEAST in Service Pack 1. This policy had served me well for many years in the business environment. Clients would ask me about a new OS and I would tell them “Wait for at least SP1 or you’re just beta testing for Microsoft.” Windows 7 was the FIRST Microsoft OS where that didn’t apply because really it was just Vista SP3

      Microsoft has made some MAJOR goofs in the past, Windows Millennium Edition being the most notable. Most people I know just skipped that one completely and went with Windows 2000 Pro. I guess the best policy with Windows 8 if you’re not using it on a table or smartphone is to just skip it and wait for Windows 8 to self destruct like Windows Millennium Edition did. Because if this is what we have to look forward to, Windows 8 WILL self destruct.

      Which does not solve the problem for OEM hardware vendors at all, and one would THINK Microsoft would show some consideration for that HUGE market. Most of my clients buy Dell or HP workstations and servers, this is going to be a serious problem for everyone in the commercial world because we are NOT going to buy new workstations with Windows 8 on them the way Windows 8 sits right now.

      The real question is, the people at Microsoft aren’t stupid, they know how to make money so WHY are they doing this?

  52. Michaelarowley

    I still haven’t upgraded to Windows Seven since Vista was such a piece of crap I went back to XP and I’ve been stuck there. When I start hearing anything good about Eindows Eight ill upgrade to Seven.

    I’ve not read a single positive thing about Windows Eight.

    1. @Michaelarowley: Wow, I thought Windows 7 was awful. I actually took a new Windows 7 back to my builder and had it removed and had Windows XP installed, and I have never regretted it. I will probably be Windows XP forever; long after “support” is gone.

      1. from win 7 back to XP??? wow some people take some pleasing , I agree that vista was clunky and resouce hungrey but win 7 is the best OS that MS have ever made , the most relaible , crash proof and stable and graphically pleasing too , whlist I agree for its time XP SP2 was a very good operating system WIN 7 makes it look like an unworkable crash prone, anti networking version of Millenuim 2000

  53. Does this sound a bit like “New Coke”?
    That was a great example of over thinking.

    What is great about the evolution of products is the enhancement of the good features and elimination or repair of the bad. If most of your customers want a single button like START to launch from then give it to them. If it can be improved do so but don’t just tell them that they are wrong to like it.

    MS’s basic approach to the user base has always been, “We know better, do it our way.”

    I see a couple of old DOS guys above and yes, I miss having control but I have come to like the assistance of a GUI interface. Can I have both? Yes. I just moved to Linux on one of my boxes. I expect to see a lot of people doing the same real soon.

  54. I am, as my name suggests, I’m just the average consumer. I started using computers a little while back though, my first machine was a HP, and the OS was DOS. I soon progressed to Windows 3.1 and with my little dial up modem; I was off to the races, soon downloading at the speed of 1200 k. Wow. Things took forever back then. Of course, my hard drive wasn’t all that big, so it really didn’t make that much difference. In today’s language, that HD would have been filled in about 7 seconds. My point is I don’t understand why MicroSoft is going backwards. At one point in their natural progression, they seemed to be headed as one might think they would be then bam, all of the sudden they have backtracked and they are going in off in a completely new area. It was interesting and exciting to anticipate the next version of Windows. Now all we have to look forward to are more security updates and vulnerability updates patches and fixes for this and that, it’s ridiculous. Every month, they’re so prevalent; they even have a special day of the month scheduled for it. Windows graphics used to be beautiful, now they look as if they are being accomplished in a 7th grade art class at a public school. I just really don’t understand. One of you IT guys suggested earlier, maybe it’s time the old-timers retired, well maybe it’s time even the non-pro’s did too. It’s not as much fun anymore anyway. I used to have a ball online discovering new things, now I can’t even get the damn computer to cooperate with me. Maybe it’s just me, I’m getting to old for this, but I’m retired and it’s all I have left to do. If anyone has any suggestions I’d really like to hear from you. I’m on Win 7 now and I can’t figure this out for the life of me. Win XP was great.

    1. @John Q Public: I sympathize with your feelings and thoughts. I am also an old-timer, going way back to CP/M, TR-DOS and Apple DOS…..never liked the Apple way back in those days since I loved tweaking hardware and software as well as writing what people now call “apps”, often in Assembler…..but then I got into MS-DOS and also liked the way Windows worked, especially with Win XP. I’ve now gone to Win 7 and I actually really like it. I tried the beta version of Win 8 and thought it was rather strange….I’m less interested these days in learning a new system and more on what you actually “do” with a system. I also became an Apple user and tried the Unix offshoot, Linux (as is OSX). I have to say, in the spirit of doing things with a computer, the Mac, with OSX seems to me to be the best….I hate tweaking and thinking about the “system” now. It just seems so old fashioned.

  55. There is no universal law that you must buy whatever Microsoft produces. If Windows 8 is useful on your PC, buy it. If not, don’t. If no-one buys, Microsoft will have to think again and also maintain support of Win 7. If it sells then you will have to change or accept loss of support. Whether you change to Win 8 or another OS is the question to worry Microsoft.

  56. @Info Dave: Metro is on the Win 7 phones and will be on the tablets. It will be on the Win 8 desktops, etc., also in order to have a consistent interface on all your devices. I got a Win7 phone be cause my Android POS was bugging me. Learning curve? – definitely, but not a big deal. If you have a negative attitude toward something new, whether or not it is Windows, you will have a greater learning curve.

    1. @C E:
      It’s not just the nasty look of the Metro desktop that will stop me migrating from Win7 to Win8 (although that’s enough by itself). The real problem is that Win8 has been designed to work on touch screens, which is fine for smartphones and tablets, because that’s how you operate them. I don’t have a smartphone and don’t need a tablet toy. I use a desktop and laptop and the vast majority of them don’t have touch screens (and probably never will for ergonomic reasons alone). So why would I want to migrate to a new operating system that looks hideous and hasn’t been designed to work on the equipment I use? Win7 works just fine and, if the extended support that MS had to give xp users is anything to go by, I shall be able to keep using it for another decade or so….. or until MS stop copying Apple and give the customers what we want rather than what they think we should have.

    2. @C E: The problem with your logic is that the devices themselves are not consistent. The vertical orientation of the PC screen does not lend itself to touch, while touch is perfectly natural on phones and tablets.

      Additionally, adding touch to a PC will add an expense that many consumers won’t be willing to accept. The raised bezel on virtually all monitors today is a hinderance to Metro. Multi-touch will add additional expense.

      You’re absolutely correct with your comments about attitude. Look no further than your opinion about Android. The fAndroids think ICS is superior to anything on the market. The Mac fanbois are content with the closed eco-system.

  57. I like windows 8 so far, problem I have is the changing between metro and the old traditional desktop thats still part of win8.

    When staying in metro I love windows 8, I find it easy to use, searching is a breeze. No need to click in any boxes just starting typing and you get your search results. Also really like the live tiles and its by far the best OS I have seen for connecting to social media. The app store is brilliant, very easy to use and search for apps. I believe this will make and break the OS, if they increase the scoop and range of apps in the store then windows 8 will take off.

    The problems I have are when you have an app thats not able to run metro. This is when you get thrown back into the traditional desktop, this part of win8 feels hacked on. Its not the same desktop as win7 and previous windows most notably the lack of the start menu. It just looks and feels wrong.

    Either way I think its great Microsoft are finally doing something different and changing up. Windows has pretty much been the same far as interface. The desktop look and feel become prettier and the start menu changes but windows interface has changed little since its first release back in 95. Its become second nature for people to use and this is another major obstacle as I feel alot of people are not willing to spend a couple of hours relearning a new OS and this could ultimately be its downfall. I really hope not because I feel there is more potential for the new metro interface compared to the old traditional desktop.I feel the metro part of the OS will be great for people coming to PC’s for the first time who have not had any previous exposure to windows, the rest of the world however may well disagree.

  58. I’ve been a computer professional (self-employed consultant and project manager) since the days of DOS, MDOS, CP/M. I like Windows 7, never went to Vista, but really thought XP was the best of the bunch. Now, I have no use for a tablet, only use my smartphone for phone calls, addresses, and appointments. Perhaps the occasional game of Solitaire. In the last year, I picked up an iMac cheap. Easy to use, hardly any learning curve. I will either convert to Linux or MacOS before going to another version of Windows that seems to share very little if anything with its predecessors. This could be a really major mistake on the part of MS.

    Who knows? Now they’re selling more smartphones than PCs and kids are using them at progressively earlier ages. Maybe us dinosaurs have outlived our usefulness and from now on everything needs to run like it is a touch screen smartphone.

    Maybe it’s time to retire…..

    1. @Bud Izen:
      Nah… if you retire then who is going to teach to newbies good manners? Besides, we love this stuff. Now, since we seem to run very similar paths, I am betting that, like me, you didn’t get on the Windows wagon until 3.11, skipped ME, skipped NT, stayed with 2000 until Microsoft no longer supported it, ditto for XP, skipped Vista, like 7. How am I doing, so far? The point is, that we don’t have to buy into every Microsoft folly. When it comes to computing, my Rule No.1 is: Never get version1.0 of anything. I don’t mind running a parallel beta test, but I wait until an SP comes out before I go with a new OS.

  59. When Win 7 gets retired, rather than struggle with Win 8 I will finally get to grips with Linux. Use a virtual PC for all the windows programs I cant live without and go with open office for most of my work. Personally i think computers reached their zenith with DOS 3.3 and PC tools when it fitted on a single floppy disk. Then I was in control and my machinery did what I wanted it to do. Deep sigh from a confirmed ludite.

  60. I installed 8 on a lenovo X60 tablet and it works great with the stylus and seems very stable. Yes I missed the start button for all of a week. After playing with it for a month I kind of like it. I like 7 better but I will probably upgrade a couple of laptops in the house to 8. I have 3 kids ages 12, 18 & 19 and after playing with it for a couple of hours they figured it out. Does this mean the rest of the computer world will adapt? I doubt it.

  61. Learn to use English!
    1)The word “unique” is not modifiable as in “very unique.” Something is unique or not unique. Period.
    2) The under pinnings of Windows 8 has really nothing. Underpinnings is one word AND it is a plural. “The underpinnings of Windows 8 HAVE really nothing.” is correct.
    2) “Into” is one word, not two.
    Etc etc.
    This is unprofessional writing and you weaken your case by sending it out.

  62. By the way… I oppose this business that in recent time happens when you buy a computer with Windows installed. The companies don´t even include a CD or DVD with the Backup Program to reinstate the computer to original state if something deteriorates. I hardly download anything and am very careful about what I install and yet have had problems with the functioning of my new computers a few months after bying them brand new. Restoring to an earlier date doesn´t always work. After the 2001 Crash I learned how to format my hard disk so that the OS would be separate from the Data. But you can´t do that with a brand new computer because the new ones don´t bring the full Program on a CD, and if you wan´t to do that you would have to buy a new OS program, and installing this would erase all the other programs that come installed with the brand. Going back to the Maintenance of the store would allow one to get the same factory programs installed but the service charges run over $100.00. Why haven´t the consummers complained? I think the manufacturers could match the computers to the full programs CD, so that it could only be used on that particular machine. There are too many bugs and viruses… and even the most careful are unprotected when something new comes around.

  63. I’ve had W8 on my laptop since the demo came out. Now I’m just waiting to get another copy of W7 so I can get rid of it. If you don’t own a tablet, it’s a step backward in functionality.

  64. I am a senior support tech for a global company. We started pushing 7 the day we could get our hands on it. We have already chosen to pass on 8. It is entertaining to show people and watch their reaction. All but the most advanced users are lost. There is no way we are going to waste the time required to train everybody from the ground up. I bet some of you "Give it a chance" crowd haven't looked at it that way. We tried a few Windows Mobile 7 devices (Windows 8 is supposed the be the lead in to their Mobile products) but there was no way to safely even get a certificate on it and the few that didn't mind the mobile platform grew to hate it after a while. This is a nonstarter.

    1. Windows, the business office is your main customer. So why are you turning Windows 8 into an Apple toy. I f I wanted an Apple I'd buy an Apple. Pissing off your core customer will not get you Apples Customers.

    2. The LAST thing I want at my desk is a touchscreen (well after Windows 8) I was running 7 beta as my primary operating system. After I installed 8 I went and took a shower because I felt dirty….

    3. Terry Brooks, he was being sarcastic, we all know that will never happen. They geared W-8 towards touchscreen but for most it is not an option, except for the phone and tablet market they are trying to kick start, years behind the curve as usual.

    4. “Using the new Start Screen with a mouse and keyboard is more tiresome than hand-punching a stack of 80-column cards, and then feeding them into an IBM 704 with your feet.”

    5. I can picture the conversation at Best Buy…

      Customer 1. What is this?????

      Customer2. Dunno

      Customer 1. Where is the Start button?

      Customer2. Dunno

      Customer 1. Are you sure this is real?

      Customer2. Are we in a toy store?

      Customer 1. How do you close this?

      Customer2. Dunno

      Customer 1. This is terrible, I can't figure this out at all…

      Customer2. Me either…

      Customer 1. Let's go look at the Macs, I here they are nice

      Customer2. Ya, but they cost more

      Customer 1. SO, at least you can use it!

      Customer2. LET'S GO!

  65. I am a senior support tech for a global company. We started pushing 7 the day we could get our hands on it. We have already choosen to pass on 8. It is entertaining to show people and watch thier reaction. All but the most advanced users are lost. There is no way we are going to waste the time required to train everybody from the ground up. I bet some of you "Give it a chance" crowd haven't loked at it that way. We tried a few Windows Mobile 7 devices (Windows 8 is supposed the be the lead in to their Mobile products) but there was no way to safely even get a certificate on it and the few that didn't mind the mobile platform grew to hate it after a while. This is a nonstarter.

  66. Hayley Victoria Morris

    Getting the feeling that this time people wont be making a rush to upgrade like when 7 was released.

  67. I love to try new “stuff” but for the life of me I cannot find out the $$$ that I would be committing to if I download 8 to give it a shot. Am I missing something – I am sure that if I install the trial/test version I will not be able to roll things back when the test license expires and I have to shell out for the “real” license. Does anybody know?

  68. I think it is about time we demand Microsoft stop making so many changes to the OS programs. It is very difficult to ever dominate the knowledge necessary to use a computer if the software constantly changes and the appearance also. I liked XP and had constant problems with Vista. Windows 7 is much better, similar to XP, and I try to use it in the Classic View. A am technically adept much more than people from my generation, but feel that even with younger people the constant changes have them only using their equipments superficially. I suspec that there are other reasons for these changes by Microsoft, which include forcing us to use Hotmail, and tracking what we do, who we talk to, etc. An example of this is how they have changed the Messenger. I no longer have any use for it…

  69. I am trying Windows 8 and yes it is horrible. Yes I miss the start button and yes I miss easier searching. I feel like this is the worst windows ever and have not even been able to figure out how to remove it from my laptop. I started on pcs when there was not even a windows! and I think dos was much easier than this windows because it was straight forward C:// do! this is just try to find your programs you need to use we dare you!
    use what we want you to use you will be happy so says Microsoft. I realize this version may not be for people like me who work from their pc’s instead of games and photos but with a lot of work it could be the best for both worlds. My Idea is scrap 8 go back to the drawing board figure out a way to please both groups and then build 8 to that standard and keep the start button! Some of us want that we have used it since Windows came out and we need it.

  70. I am using XP on four computers and just purchased a APPLE laptop for the wife. If windows is that painful to adapt to, I will just opt for 3 new APPLES’s

    1. @Craig R: @Ed:

      No they won’t! XP support doesn’t retire until 2014! You know how long that is? 12 years!

      If they give W7 12 years, then it will be 2021 before they retire support for that.

  71. If people run from it because they don't know how to use it. It gets back what was put into it. Would be nice to go from point a to point b so an intro into it that was obvious to access would be the least control I would ask for. The PC is the house tool for a lot. If you don't have one you can use, you don't have one.

  72. E'lan Marshall

    There has allways been one major aspect of windows that has kept users content to stay with it as an os familiarity and continuity of the system and it’s use. I started on windows 95 and now use Vista, I was very hesitant to get vista because of some early compatability issues and finally gave in when support for XP stopped. I haven’t moved to windows 7, but figure at some I will need to. Anyway what I’m driving at is this, windows has been so popular with the average computer for almost one reason alone easy transition from one version to the next installment, but from what I’m hearing no matter how you candy coat it the transition to windows 8 is not gonna be install an getback to work straight away…. I’ll see what freinds an family have to say about it, but my guess is I won’t be making that transition anytime soon. I’m also gonna lay a bet that there will be far more with this standpoint than Microsoft is banking on.

  73. If Microsoft wants to drive away customers, then Windows 8 ought to do it! Seems like this will end up as a conspirarcy theory… Aliens, The Illuminati or the Shadow Government or all the combination are overtaking our computers with an unuseable system……I can see the headlines now!!!!

  74. I installed Win8 about 4 times and gave it up all except the last time. Decided to get the 64 bit version and give it some time. After getting a lot of tips and tricks I actually use it full time now and have for several weeks. Once setting it all up the way I like, it is very functional, fast and my mainboard HD sound was even installed and works like it never did! Also like some of the full screen games from the store and other than IE10 not fully functional on some web sites I go to, Google Chrome took care of that. Give it some time and you may change your mind too.

  75. As a bit of an outsider looking in, I find it interesting that Microsoft’s most ardent supporters aren’t going along with Windows 8. The wheels started to come off with Windows 7. While the core group embraced Windows 7, the faint praise was, “Windows 7 works just fine.”

    The real problem with Windows 8 that I see is that Microsoft is pushing Metro on us (i.e. cramming it down our throats), rather than pulling us in with a compelling use case. If Microsoft converts all system services to Metro, there would be a compelling need to use Metro. As it stands, it just gets in the way.

  76. I installed windows 8 on my children's computer. it installed easily and quick, there is a learning curve and the missing start button is a big one. a few points to make, its been at least 6 months and my kids have not "broke"windows". every game every web site that I let them see I have not heard "DAD this computers not working fix it please".and with the integration of windows hotmail account I can restrict every account on this computer in almost any fashion, the amount of info I can access from any computer anywhere using the family safety function is very helpful overall I would say its great for a child's or a public computer but not something I would want to use as my main household computer yet.

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