Dave’s Computer Tips: Do outbound firewalls really work?

do outbound firewalls work

by Dave Hartsock in Daves Computer Tips

Do outbound firewalls really offer any substantial benefits?

Ah security, one of the most widely discussed computer related topics across the planet. Start a new thread on any forum and label it something like “What is your security setup?” and you’re almost certainly guaranteed a lively response – everyone, it seems, likes to share details of their security arrangements. Trouble is, all that imparted information is of very little use to anyone else. Why? Because the best security always starts between the ears, and levels of security requirements are largely dictated by user habits and the scope of their online activities.

Throw in the massive diversity of software configurations, plus divergences in available hardware resources, which can alter dramatically from machine to machine, and a ‘one shoe fits all’ solution becomes the impossible dream. I’ve seen lists of installed security software which defy belief, they have included so many products I often wonder how these people ever managed to avoid conflicts and retain enough leftover resources to continue their normal day to day computering (spell checker informs me that “computering” is not a proper word – well it should be ).

These user submitted lists often include an outbound firewall, and I have no problem with that. I’m sure an outbound firewall can be beneficial in certain situations. But, given normal circumstances, where a home user is utilizing sufficient inbound protection including connecting to the internet through a quality router, I can’t help wondering if the negatives don’t often outweigh any positives.

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