The Windows Club: Fixing Firefox Freezes and Crashes

fix firefox crashes and freezes

By Anand Khanse

Fixing Mozilla Firefox Freezing or Crashing

Are you a Firefox user? If yes, you might have come across an instance where the browser suddently freezes or hangs or crashes and closes down unexpectedly or collapses into a not responding mode.

Freezing or Hanging is a process where a program stops responding to a user’s input. A hang or a freeze is different from a crash. A Crash ends the program, and the windows automatically shuts down. The reasons can be many. It could the installation of incompatible themes, extensions or programming errors in plugins. I am suggesting below some troubleshooting steps which you could follow in case you find that your Firefox is giving you problems in Windows.

Firefox Freezes or Crashes

Clear Firefox Browser Cache, History and Download History

*Files take longer to download as the download history builds up. To fix up this freeze, go to Firefox menu, then ‘Downloads’ and click on ‘Clear List’ to clear the Download History.

*Also, if the folder where Firefox is attempting to save the file is not accessible, it can freeze.

*Try resetting the preference in about:config. You can also try choosing a new download folder in your Firefox settings (Tools -> Options -> General ( or Main) / Downloads -> Save files to -> Browse).

fix firefox freezes and crashes

*At times Browsing History interferes with the browser start-up and therefore can hang Firefox for indefinite periods.

*Clear the History to avoid this instance. For this, first go to Tools > ‘Clear Recent History‘ to see if it resolves the problem.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from The Windows Club.

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6 thoughts on “The Windows Club: Fixing Firefox Freezes and Crashes”

  1. Michael J. Toro

    I've been experiencing frequent FF crashes lately; it seems to worsen with each update. A problem with Flash without a fix? Then perhaps the fix is switching to another browser. An unfortunate but logical move indeed.

  2. Chris TheSuper

    actually this is not what causes most of the crashing people are experiencing as of late, it actually has to do with the Flash plugin and there isn't a fix for it except not updating to the current version.

    1. john_atte_kiln

      I agree – Firefox and Adobe Flash just don’t mix currently. Not that important, becasue only hundreds of millions people use this every day! Some say that you should increase the timeout, but that doesn’t work.

    2. @Chris TheSuper: Exactly! I have no idea why Firefox and Flash are not getting along but of my three computers the only one this is happening with is my laptop an its is beyond annoying. Adobe / Mozilla = please figure out how to work together on this latest version.

      This is one reason I am NOT a fan of Mozilla’s idea to launch a new version every month. All the plug-ins and add-ons are a CONSTANT compatibility problem now. Please stop doing that. Only release SIGNIFICANT updates.


  3. Having experienced numerous crashes etc. with Firefox (13.0 Beta) I am grateful for your inputs on this matter.
    I have beefs with many software suppliers including Google, Windows (7).
    For the most part they are not easily contacted for help.
    My website appeared to take a dive in vistors with the latest algorithms. As you could see from my website it is a simple engineering supply source for motor vehicles. Pretty standard and fulfilling an important function for diesel car owners wishing to get their cars back on the road with real solid diesel pump parts. So I was very puzzled when Google seemed to be the culprit.
    All the more so since I am a google webmaster tools user!

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