Everything-Microsoft.com: Windows 8 Or Windows RT Take Your Pick

windows 8 or windows RT take your pick

Windows 8 Or Windows RT Take Your Pick

By George Carza for everything-microsoft.com

Microsoft is expected to bring out the next version of its operating system sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year. That said, there are a lot of expectations about what it will contain, how it will work, and whether it will live up to its hype as the biggest change in Microsoft’s family of OS’s since Windows NT more than 15 years ago. Indeed, the model is changing because of the new types of computers that have entered the market place, the mobile phone system, and the tablet PC system. They have changed the landscape considerably. In the middle of this is whether Windows 8 and Windows RT and the new touch-centric Metro interface will be available. So, the question is, which has the most promise?

Windows RT

Given the change in technology that Microsoft is pushing, it is no surprise that they would also use a different chip to run the operating system. So Windows 8 on ARM (WoA) — officially renamed to Windows RT by Microsoft — will run on processors coming from Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Texas Instruments. This is the first time a mainstream Windows operating system will be powered by chips from these ARM silicon suppliers in addition to those of Intel and AMD. Intel will run the others.

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1 thought on “Everything-Microsoft.com: Windows 8 Or Windows RT Take Your Pick”

  1. Well to be honest I wouldn’t choose any of the options Microsoft is offering in Windows8/RT.
    I personally feel that they are making a huge mistake using this tablet/phone interface for computer installs. While they claim the old interface is available, it really isn’t as it isn’t really the same and for the average everyday user it is clunky and difficult to get in and out of it.

    This release will make the old Windows ME look like a good system, and to be honest that scares the hell out of me. Windows 7 is perhaps the best operating system Microsoft has ever released and they should have built upon that success, the path they are heading down is not a good one, and they will regret it.

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