Dave’s Computer Tips: Before you upload to the cloud, PEE

before you upload to the cloud, PEE

by Dave Hartsock in Daves Computer Tips

Before you upload to the cloud, PEE

“The Cloud” is becoming the place to be for backup and data storage. Microsoft offers its SkyDrive; Apple has iCloud; there’s Mozy, Acronis, JustCloud, Carbonite, Dropbox, etc. There are so many, it’s impossible to list them all. This Geek uses SkyDrive, iCloud, DropBox and, for clients, Carbonite. They all have their advantages, similarities and differences. You can do your own study and make your own choices as to who you choose for your cloud storage provider; however, be aware of this very important concept: TNO – Trust No One. You want to make sure that only you, or those you designate, have access to your data. This means that:

1. Your secret phrase, private key, PIN or password is known and visible only to you; and,
2. Nowhere in the cloud or during transit is your data ever visible as clear text.

What does PEE stand for? –Article continued here

This excerpt is shared with permission from davescomputertips.com.

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