PowerPoint Tips: Quickly Get Rid of Bullets

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By Ellen Finkelstein

Quickly get rid of bullets

Why would you want to get rid of bullets in your presentations? In short, they can turn a good presentation into a boring one.

But how do you get rid of bullets? Recently, a woman called me to ask if I had any courses explaining how to create presentations without bullets. She was interested in a guide, templates, how to design slides, a sample set of slides, and more. The long answer is to read my e-book, Slide Design for Non-Designers.

But I wanted to offer a quickie solution, too. Before that, let me say that designing presentations without bullets is not hard, but involves


*Thinking about your content and the processes you’re describing

*Working with images that function as metaphors

*and more

Now for the shortcut. This is especially useful if you have existing presentations that you want to change in a hurry. Follow these steps:

1. Open a presentation that has bulleted text.

2. Display the master (View > (Master) > Slide Master). You see an example here. If you’re using 2007 or 2010, click the larger, top layout in the left-hand pane. Changes you make here will affect every slide in the presentation, no matter which layout they use.

quickly get ride of powerpoint bullets

Steps continued here

This excerpt is shared with permission from ellenfinkelstein.com.

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