How Many Gigabytes Is Enough?

how many gigabytes is enough

How Many Gigabytes Does A Person Need?

by Mitz for

These days you won’t find many people in your house that aren’t connected to the Internet at almost all times of the day. Whether they’re streaming music, playing video games, watching television or movies, or updating their Facebook status that they’re doing the above things. The thing is that the whole time you’re downloading or streaming, you’re using up precious gigabytes and many service providers put a cap on your monthly usage. In order to find out how many gigabytes per month you’ll require, you need to devise a strategy.

Obviously to know how many gigabytes you’ll need a month, you’ll have to know your usage. 1GB is about a thousand Megabytes and here is what most common applications eat up:

Streaming audio = roughly 60mb per hour
Streaming video = approx 400mb an hour
Watching a movie = approx 700mb
Playing a video game online = 40 to 80mb an hour

What about everyday Internet surfing activities…

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13 thoughts on “ How Many Gigabytes Is Enough?

  1. It's just as bad with Rogers or anyone else. I've been considering not getting cable at all and just using netflix and gaming for entertainment. Seems like I'd hit 150Gb in no time… :S. Guess I'll be doing my online pass-times at McDonalds and Starbucks.

  2. I’m in agreement with Lee Ray. I think technology will change so drastically that apps won’t require so much horsepower to run, and the os’s will be of a totally different mindset. Who knows at this point, ram itself may become obsolete and mechanical storage with moving parts are already becoming obsolete. I also agree with the statement that 8 gig is ample for 64 bit systems. I’ve run as much as 16 and played with autocad which is very resource intensive, and I really didn’t see any gain between 16 and 8!

  3. Well I'm caped at 150 Gigs a month on AT&T, I really think that is to low for someone that uses the internet for tv and online gaming. I go over that just about every month. Its just a way for them to make money. Even using U-Verse which they offer instead of Netflix, I still go over. Thanks for taking advantage of us AT&T! If it was 250 Gigs I'd never go over.

  4. The 8 GB you are referring to is computer memory not bandwidth download capacity. 32 bit operating systems can address only 4 GB of memory. 64 bit systems do not have that limitation.

  5. I have 8GB per month of wifi and most months it lasts. When it doesn't, it is slowed, so I can still access email for the last couple of days until the recharge. However, I do think this type of sales model is a rip off. You should be able to balance usage over say a 12 month period and if you are over at the end, pay additional.

  6. I have Direct TV System with 4 TVs that download videos and movies via internet using my computer. I also have a cell phone that does not work locally so I have to use internet WIFI. I also have a ROKU Device for Netflix, Hulu Plus etc. They all share the same Broadband space so it does get tight sometimes especially if I use internet radio. Appreciate any tips for sharing or increasing speed to stablize signals being received. I have 15Mbps download capability.

  7. Well, since I am on cable I do nodt have to worry about using to much data.. I can run my computers as much as I want, even including what I do with WIFI. Of course they just might say a word if I started downloading a lot of movies, and vedios.

    • think again bud..i guarantee there is a has it set at 250gb, and if you go over it once you get a warning..second time, banned from comcast for a year

  8. I dont think it will take 7 yrs to eliminate 32 bit systems, as for me I think my 1.5 TB should last at least 5 yrs

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