BurnWorld.com: Feds May Legalize DVD Decrypting After All

is dvd copying legal?

by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

Feds May Legalize DVD Decrypting After All

Federal regulators on Wednesday at UCLA Law School gathered together to talk about whether to allow the mass public the ability to decrypt store bought DVD movies which currently is encoded with CSS (Content Scrambling System) technology.

According to Wired Magazine

Filmmakers, video mixers and others have petitioned the U.S. Copyright Office for the ability to continue to use DVD decryption tools to copy short clips of DVDs from motion pictures to put into their own films. The issue isn’t whether they have a fair-use right to the material, but whether they can utilize decrypting tools to make the best reproduction for film-making purposes.

Included in this is the ability to make duplicates of said movies for home use. People have been wanting to make copies of their DVD’s for years and because of the encryption normal software can’t decrypt the code that is put on in the Mastering phase of DVD creation. That is unless a 3rd party decrypter is used which normally runs in the background on Windows PC’s. According to the movie studios they say that the general public does not have the right to ‘do what you will’ with the content on a physical disc (DVD-BluRay). This medium only grant the permission to view the content from a licensed player.

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