Bob Rankin: Pay Microsoft $99 To Remove Crapware?

pay microsoft $99 to remove crapware

By Bob Rankin

Microsoft Removes Crapware for $99

“Crapware” is a crude but apt term for unnecessary software loaded onto computers by hardware vendors. It may include trial versions of software that have limited functionality, demos that are nothing more than advertisements, and shareware utilities that duplicate functions already built into Windows. Vendors get paid a little bit for including each piece of crapware on their computers, and a bit more every time a customer upgrades one of those trial versions to a paid version.

For over two years, Microsoft has been selling crapware-free PCs through its online store and a handful of retail stores. These “Signature edition” computers boot to a clean Windows desktop, without any distracting pop-ups pushing crapware trials. Signature edition PCs are also faster than crapware-laden computers, according to Microsoft.

How much faster? Microsoft actually ran tests on a bunch of new PCs, and found that those without the extra software bloat started up almost 40% faster. For those with laptops, Sleep and Resume times are also significantly reduced.

If you have been kicking yourself for not buying a Signature edition PC from Microsoft, you can stop now. Microsoft technicians will convert your existing computer to a Signature version for only $99. All you have to do is bring your crapware-laden computer to a Microsoft retail store. There are a whole sixteen of them in the country right now, and that number will soon swell to 21. Oh, and you have to leave your computer with Microsoft for 24 to 48 hours, then come back and get it. On the plus side, you also get 90 days of free phone support after the Signature service.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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33 thoughts on “Bob Rankin: Pay Microsoft $99 To Remove Crapware?”

  1. Can I just point out that USA does not equal the whole world. Try being a little less US blinkered when making statements like “There are a whole sixteen of them in the country right now”. What country would that be? Oh of course, the only one that matters (in your head), we should KNOW that obviously.

  2. I get so tired of people running out an ad for some version of Linux every time there’s something they don’t like in Windows. While there’s plenty not to like in Windows, Linux, in whatever variant, isn’t problem-free either. Ubuntu does NOT have a short learning curve, rather, the user gets accustomed do doing with less. Much of the software readily available for Windows is unavailable for Ubuntu, and substitute software requires learning far more than I want to about the OS. Plug and play for Ubuntu? Probably 1% of the software available. The rest requires arcane commands and more time than it’s worth to get it to work. Sing your Linux/Ubuntu song all you want, I’m tired of listening.

    1. @Thomas Wilson:

      Funny as far as Plug and play everything i have every used works just fine in Ubuntu and most all the distros I’ve tried had no problem with Plug and Play.

      Now understand that i use Windows everyday, and have had problems with it to in the past with somethings that are Plug and play. Not any OS is 100% Period.

      Also did you know Microsoft is putting large amounts of cash into Linux.

      Linux is different and it takes some learning but so does everything else in life. And i haven’t even had to use the as you say arcane CMD yet.

      Funny Windows has a CMD to.

      The CMD in Linux will let you shape it to the way you like it if you learn how to use it.

      Also I don’t love any OS i just want it to do what ever i need it to do for me, Windows Linux makes no difference.

      This is not and AD just the facts. Me i could care less with what you want to use for a operating system.

      But Linux is really one of the most secure operating systems on the planet.

      And it works very well considering that it hasn’t had Multimillion’s of dollars pumped into it. And is Free to anyone.

      Give it the same time for everyday user development that that Microsoft has had it to will be a Diamond, though Windows still isn’t a diamond yet itself. Though Windows 7 is close. And Windows 8 will make it back into a Lump of Coal for the Desktop user.

  3. It is comical to say the least. Computer companies make very, very small profits on computers, then on top of the cost of hardware components they have to pay the “Microsoft Tax”.
    To try and offset that cost they install the crapware.

    Now Microsoft Jumps in and offers for the small fee of $99.00 they will remove the crapware that they force makers to install.

    Oh the irony, even funnier is the fact that people just assume the OS is “free” because it came with the computer.

    Then the never ending cycle of cleaning windows starts, from the day you make the purchase to the day you throw it in the scrap heap.

    1. @Kevin Morrison:

      Why Not just Download the Free version Of PC decrapafier and use it?

      Or the Free version of Revo?

      Why pay anything to clean the crapware off your New System?

      Read my earlier comment, it even has the Links.

  4. THE best operating system coming or going is UBUNTU, linux VERY small learning curve it does EVERYTHING winblows does, it's FREE and has NO crapware and will run on virtualy ANY computer. Plus it is many times faster than most operating systems. And virus problems can be fixed in minutes FREE.

  5. John V Brennan

    Good Day All! I hope you’re enjoying a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. This article and articles like it prove that the personal computer industry, at least on the PC/Microsoft side is Insane. Not just because we continue to struggle with an operating system, Windows, that works like crap, and forces one to troubleshoot, tweak, download, and/or edit something every time you glance at it… and only to make the same operating system, Windows, run just a little bit slower, every day one uses it. Now they want people to pay to rempve all the Crap they load up on the brand new computers they’re selling. This is so completely Insane. They shouldn’t be loading up any Crap to begin with. They should be Paying the Buyer $99 for the opportunity to load their Crap, not the other way around. If people are Stupid enough to pay for this service… well then, go ahead, charge away…

    I was in the PC business many years ago… about 14 maybe… I got out of it because I saw where it was going. Customers were Insane about their computers, and everybody wanted to be first to get my attention, regardless of anything… customers were violently demanding, literally, and, well, nearly Insane. This Crap loading was one of the reasons and I talked about it very often as a big problem. People were getting computers loaded with tons of Crap to confuse them with and wreck their operating system, Windows, with. This was at the time when Packard Bell was a big dealer. I’d live in the streets before going back to that insanity again. If and/or when I get the opportunity, I’m going to give the Mac a try. Everyone I know with one, lives a peaceful computing life.

    Here’s one more thought/question… would you buy a brand new car full of “Crap” and then pay the dealer extra money to remove it?

  6. I’ve never understood why every major vendor adds their own wireless crap on top of the built-in Windows wireless networking. And that old HP or Dell Support software? HP, Epson, Canon, etc. all add their own “Web” printing toolbars, ink-selling, marketing, customer feedback, on and on… to their printers.

    ON a HP Officejet 5700 the other day; it worked just fine using the built-in Win7 printer/scanner/fax driver, but decided it’d be easier for the customer if I downloaded and installed the 313meg HP full suite of tools. I chose custom install and noted the suite was 10 modules of which you only need 4 to fully operate the printer.

    Not just HP – they all do it; some models more than others. Can you imagine what happens to a PC if clueless installs 2 or 3 printers?

  7. I see most of the people commenting didn’t read the whole article (see link ‘article continued here’) in which Bob does go on to say about doing it yourself with add/remove and even recommends DeCrapifier.
    And Babbler, Macs have crapware too.

  8. All I can say to Microsoft is Kiss My Butt! Bill and his cronies think they can throw their weight around but we now have many other options other than the PC. I can do use about anything on a Mac that I could on a PC so I really don't need MS and the stupid PC. In fact, this is being written on a Mac so THERE Bill and your cronies!

  9. Michael Merrill

    Why is it such a big deal? I always remove all the crappola before I get started and do it for all my clients, relatives, friends, and friends of relatives and friends. It is really no big deal to get rid of the crap. Maybe I should be advertising my skills.

    1. I've come the conclusion it actually unwise to remove crapwear from someone's PC. Doesn't matter how it breaks and how long after they buy it it breaks. The owner's first thought will be "I remember that guy deleted some stuff on my PC when I got it, bet that's the problem"

    2. In that case Alex ✯ Orr I'll demonstrate beyond any shadow of a doubt it had any thing to do with me and offer to remove the remaining crapware and install Linux 🙂

    3. LOL Does MS really think fools will pay 99 do remove demo and other crap programs?

      any idiot who can't read, nor navigate to the control panel and perform a simple remove program shouldn't be allowed to own a pc in the first place…

      here's a hint google "how to remove crap ware from windows"

  10. Mr. Ranking,
    Ever hear of Microsoft uninstaller? Revo unininstaller? Might try to use it….your article would best be served to educate users in the use of the above mentioned apps, rather than moaning and groaning about a 100 dollar fee that every computer vendor is charging…

    1. Any PC tech worth their salt would NEVER recommend Microsoft uninstaller as a solution to this or any other uninstall process! It does an absoluty phatetic job at it!

  11. Talk about Crapware! Articles like this are Fluffware … the fluff you write when you can’t think of anything newish.
    If you don’t use the Crap, uninstall it … however, if you are willing to pay someone $100 to do it for you, I’ll be perfectly happy to make good use of your money.

  12. Why pay $99.00 when you can just Download the PC Decrapifier for Free and use it.

    Or use the Free version of Revo uninstaller. It cleans up the registry entry’s as well and most everything else that the crapware has installed on the new system.

    Microsoft has know about this problem for many many years, sounds like they are just doing anything they can to try and stay on everybody’s good side and make a lot doing it. Especially with the Windows 8 coming out.

    Really now do they think that everyone is dumb or stupid? Don’t answer that!

    This along with the fact that for people to downgrade a system to Windows 7 will probably run you $100.00 to $150.00 bucks for those that purchase from online Company’s Like Dell, HP, Gateway and others once Windows 8 is main steam.

  13. You can just download the full Windows 7 version that matches the one installed. Install it using your serial number and nothing except Windows is installed. Or if you prefer just download the freeware software called PCDecrapifier and run it.

  14. I have never looked into it but I suspect that we should be able to manually uninstall all the crapware. It may take some time but for us techno tragics we love sitting at our PCs so cleaning up crapware is just another excuse to sit in front of the PC. hehehe.

  15. William F. Markle

    A Best Buy salesperson said all the crapware (he didn’t call it crapware) was removed from my HP computer at the store. I don’t believe that happened because I still found a lot of useless junk one I got the computer home. Is that routine?

  16. Best Buy has been doing this for years if you want it done or not. A little hidden fee in their lowball laptop specials.

  17. Gustavo Andres Zabala

    Nah… I won't buy it… Even with all the problems… I'm used to Windows… I don't want it to be removed from my PC… 🙂

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