Avoiding the Five Most Common Laptop Mishaps

avoiding the 5 most common laptop mishaps

Avoiding the Five Most Common Laptop Mishaps

by Matt Papa for

The small size and portability of a laptop computer makes it a far more convenient than a standard desktop computer, but being such, it is more vulnerable to damage than its desktop counterpart. Laptops are also generally more difficult to fix, and they tend to require more expensive, difficult-to-install parts. Fortunately, there are a number of simple precautions that you can take to protect your laptop computer and ensure that it continues to function properly over the course of time.

Let’s take a look at five of the most common laptop mishaps and the simple steps that go a long way in preventing them:

1. Damaged power cables

Power cables can become frayed over time and may end up exposing the copper wiring. This not only poses a shock hazard, but it can also cause the laptop to shut down unexpectedly. Charging cables tend to deteriorate near the computer’s power jack, so when you store a portable computer, but sure to check that the cord is not in a bent position, as this will put stress on the cord’s outer coating. It is best to keep the adapter or power cable in one of the carrying case pockets, rather than wrapping the cord around your computer.

2. Damaged or Cracked Screen

Perhaps the most common laptop mishap is a cracked screen.

Although laptop screen repair services are surely available, it’s always better to prevent this problem by keeping your computer on a stable surface. Avoid the common mistake of putting it near the edge of a table, chair or sofa. When transporting your laptop, always keep it in a padded carrying case of the proper size, so that it fits snugly and is shielded from damage. Use care when connecting network or power cables to your laptop; people can trip on them and cause the computer to fall.

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  1. I am unable to reset my administrator password because I have forgotten it. O.P. is Vista and I have missied placed the 4th recovery disk. More important is I do not understand what they mean about making a reset disk or using a USB storage device or how to use these to make the reset disk. I could use an answer for help if someone might be able to help me. Thanks

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