PCTechBytes: Eight surefire ways to break your PC

8 ways to break your computer

By David Purcell, for PCTechBytes.com

Eight surefire ways to break your computer.

We’ve had a lot of very interesting posts in our message board over the years so we decided to list some of the most common ways people have broken their computers in hopes of preventing others from making some of these mistakes. So here are some of ways to break your PC, just in case you wanted to go that route.

1. Leave it alone for five minutes with your young children.

You think you know what every dial on the monitor does. But when you sit down at the computer after the child leaves, suddenly the screen is yellow, wavy and filled with polka dots. The keys on the keyboard no longer work and the printer is spitting out gibberish. Try to set aside a computer just for the kids.

2. Flash the BIOS.

We get a lot of questions about BIOS upgrades gone bad. A BIOS upgrade going bad is akin to a brain transplant going bad. While it may sometimes be necessary to update the BIOS, usually you will gain no extra functionality by flashing it.

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2 thoughts on “PCTechBytes: Eight surefire ways to break your PC

  1. I have to flash my bios on my Acer A101 every once in a while as that is the only fix I know for the black screen of death. It doesn’t stay fixed.

    Any other suggestions?

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