Ask Leo: Why Don’t I Get the Newsletters I Signed Up For?

why dont i get the newsletters i sign up for

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Why am I only sometimes getting newsletters I signed up for? Is there a subscription limit?

By Leo Notenboom

I have signed up for a large number of newsletter subscriptions to my Hotmail account. Around Christmas, something happened so only 20-25% get through. I have started a second Hotmail account with those I recall subscribing to, and they are delivered to the second account. I access three different computers and have the same results. Just prior to Easter, the account clicked and they were all delivered. On April 7th or 8th, the deliveries stopped again. I love to enter giveaways and so several years of connections to gfc, fb, tw, pin, circles, stumble, blogfrog are included in the problem. Starting over would be a nightmare. I am sure it has to be something on the Microsoft end as it flicks on and off at will. It is not just a filtering issue, as the newsletters are delivered to a second account, which doesn’t connect to those other services. Is it possible they have a subscription limit? Also, friends with low usage are having similar problems.

What you and your friends are experiencing is nothing more than spam filtering.

Even though you signed up for them, newsletters – and for that matter any legitimate email – can still get filtered as spam for a variety of reasons.

And it’s certainly not just Hotmail. All email services are scrambling to fight spam as much as they can. It’s an incredibly complex issue without a simple solution.

I’ll review a few of the reasons, but first, I’ll suggest what actions you and your friend should take.

Teaching Hotmail

Most email systems, including Hotmail, try to ‘learn’ what is and is not spam or junk by providing ways for you to say what’s what.

One of the most important things that you can do is to use the Junk or “This is spam” indicators correctly.

If you get an email in your inbox that is clearly spam, mark it as such. In Hotmail, that means hit the Junk button:

teaching hotmail

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This post is excerpted with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Leo: Why Don’t I Get the Newsletters I Signed Up For?

  1. Why does Hotmail have a option to “Block Sender” if all you have to do is click “Junk”? I’ve used the “sweep” option on my paid hotmail account but they just keep coming???

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