Enterprise CIO Forum: E-mail should and will go away

I’ve done an about face on e-mail now that messaging has infiltrated many apps. Enterprise CIO Forum community manager John Dodge sees messaging where and when you need it that bests suits the purpose.

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Article originally appeared at EnterpriseCIOForum.com.
Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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9 thoughts on “Enterprise CIO Forum: E-mail should and will go away

  1. Based on the headline of this piece, I’d have to say you’re an idiot. Just because email isn’t the one-stop shop for all communication, doesn’t mean that it should go away and die. Quite the opposite. I use messenger in a variety of apps and find it wholly unsatisfactory for my main social and professional business. You seem to send a lot of disposable ten-word texts. I don’t. I write a mass of much more detailed stuff that I need and want to save, and for that I have yet to find anything remotely as simple and elegant as email.

  2. Another PC Pitstop fail. Predicting the end of a proven, effective and useful communication method. What a joke.

  3. I agree with Larry. Email works just fine and I have yet to use anything more than a conventional cell phone, so messaging si entirely impractical. After all, emails are easy enough to delete, so what can be negative about it?

  4. At the risk of revealing my advanced years, I recollect the confident prediction that computers would make paper obsolete in offices.

    I’m guessing that “messaging” will replace email about the same time that actually happens.

  5. As soon as I see Journo my mind switches off and I hit delete. Journo's are the blight of the earth. They are only interested is sensation and blown up stories never facts.

  6. I can’t agree that email and texting will ever go away. We, the members of the DEAF community, rely on emails and texting almost exclusively as a means of communication when we are unable to make phone calls or communicate via voice…

  7. I agree with the last post. The idea that email “will” go away is an assumption that has as much validity as the idea another article in from PC Pitstop’s newsletter that printers will also be gone soon.

    Personally, I don’t use ANY messenging services regularly, and don’t own a smart phone. Last time I saw a tweet or a phone message, it didn’t have any of the attachments I send by email all the time. I surely do not archive my correspondence on a cell phone either.

    I really don’t understand why people go off on these “my favorite device is going to kill off all the traditional methods of doing things” tangents. The traditional methods won’t just go away, because something that is ideal for their needs isn’t ideal for mine, or the millions of people like me who find the older ways do the job just fine.

  8. Given that facebook and twitter are available for search engines, and that at least facebook owns everything you do there, the last place I am going to be messaging people are on there. Little bits of data now and then to friends like commenting on a vid they put up, but nothing past that

    Cloud apps like facebook, digg and twitter are FAR to insecure for any type of real communications. I stick to email for that

  9. Interesting perspective from a CIO. I agree that email isn’t the best way to communicate socially and personally (only because the next generations don’t bother using it that way), but can’t see it ever being replaced by messaging in the business world. The luxury of email is that it’s a written record which many companies keep on servers for instant retrieval for verification and legal documents. I don’t see many phones with enough storage to make messaging practical in the same way. I also don’t see where phones can be used as evidence of business issues unless they are provided by a company – and even then the individuals can wipe out any messages to avoid being held responsible for their statements. I think email is here to stay, albeit for less specific purposed than in the past.

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