Free Backup & Synchronization Solution

Free Backup & Synchronization Solution


How To Schedule Backup And Synchronization Tasks In Windows

Regular data backups are an important part of our digital lives because the computer electronics cannot be trusted and can get damaged at any time. There are a huge number of data backup solutions available for Windows, including Microsoft’s own SyncToy. Each backup and sync program has some unique features that others don’t have. This is why different users choose different backup software to backup and synchronize their data.

WinDataReflector is a free backup and synchronization solution which lets the users create backup and sync jobs and execute them with a click when needed. You can also schedule automatic backup and synchronization tasks. WinDataReflector also supports two way synchronization which means that the source and destination will always be kept identical. All the changes to source will be propagated to the destination and vise versa.

Although WinDataReflector is very easy to use, one needs to keep a close eye on each step of the backup and synchronization because some steps can be confusing. I will try to guide you in a step by step way on how to use WinDataReflector. The steps below are for backing up a folder and then enabling automatic scheduling. The synchronization, two way sync and restore operations are pretty similar and will be very easy once you go through the following steps

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