Windows Club: IE 32-bit will not open, but IE 64-bit does

IE 32 bit will not open, 64 bit will

By Anand Khanse

Internet Explorer 32-bit will not open, but IE 64-bit opens

Well, this happened to me, after I uninstalled some program. Internet Explorer 64-bit would open, but IE 32-bit would not open on my Windows 7 64-bit. Nor would Internet Explorer No Add-ons open. When I clicked on the icons of these two nothing would happen; but when I clicked on the IE 64-bit icon, it would spring to life.

I might not have noticed it, since I have the IE 64-bit icon pinned to my taskbar, but when I tried to click the links on my Twitter clients, the default browser, which is the Internet Explorer 32-bit, would not open. Nor did any links open when I clicked on them in my default mail client, Windows Live Mail. I would get the message:

IE 32 bit vs IE 64 bit

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This excerpt is shared with permission from The Windows Club.

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4 thoughts on “Windows Club: IE 32-bit will not open, but IE 64-bit does

  1. Very interesting.. Facebook Links would not work with IE ( for a while. So, I tried Chrome and all worked well. Just tried the IE 64 Bit and all is good. Go Figure!

  2. Windows vista my Windows installer keeps getting delete in windows services. How can i stop this from happening and do i just install the windows installer.

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