Windows Observer: Confessions of a Tech Hoarder

Confessions of a Tech Hoarder

Looking Back at Old Tech Items

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

When it comes to tech I must admit I am a hoarder.

Technology advances at such a rapid pace these days it is easy to find yourself with lots of old tech. When you look back and see what tech was 5, 10, 15 years ago and beyond it can be quite a shock to see how far we have come.

I have drawers and boxes full of software, cables, hardware and other sundry tech items from past upgrades over the last couple of decades. I am sure many of you who read this site likely have similar boxes full of old tech.

As part of a project I am working on in my garage, the project being to clean it up, I have decided to go through all my old tech boxes and try to be hard core about finally clearing out some old stuff.

As I was clearing out the boxes I was sharing pictures of some of the items on Twitter and decided this post would be a nice stroll down tech memory lane.

Here is something you just do not see anymore – a 10GB hard drive! I think my first PC in the early 90’s had a 200MB hard drive and just 4MB of RAM.

10GB hard drive

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4 thoughts on “Windows Observer: Confessions of a Tech Hoarder

  1. Ah memories!
    I think I still have the HDD from my first PC (1990) in the loft – all 40MB of it. I think it’s the only HDD that survived until it was too small to be useful.

    Another thing from those times that you wouldn’t get now was that the graphics card started playing up after a few weeks and the PC manufacturer (I suppose assembler would be more accurate) put a new one in the post and asked me to fit it and send the old one back. Can you imagine Dell or HP doing that?

  2. I have, and use fairly often, an AT&T 6300 WGS DOS CPU (20 MB Hard Drive, 520 KB RAM). I wrote a bunch of LOTUS 123 engineering/design spreadsheets years ago that I am still using to this day.
    Some day I will probably pull the HD and get the info transferred to a CD, but after 30 years, the old girl still fires up and shows no sign of slowing down (relatively speaking)

  3. I suspected I was not alone in my tech hoarding 🙂

    Great comment – thanks for sharing your situation. Probably would make a great blog post to talk about and show off some of that stuff!

    Let me know if you are interested – could do a Guest post at my site!

  4. I’m a tech hoarder too. Right now my 4x 1TB hard drives in RAID 0 are full of tech downloads. However, I don’t see cleaning getting rid of any of it as it has sentimental value to me (it took 15 years to accumulate all this stuff). We’ve also got the cupboards and cabinets full of old tech and a pile of old HDDs (7GB to 80GB). I’ve got 3x 250mb Rambus memory in front of me and no motherboard that can use it, but it’s not going anywhere either. This stuff is here to stay. Who knows, maybe it’ll actually be worth something to collectors some day. 🙂

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