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3 Ways Malware Can Trap You
by Steve Hogan

The bad guys set traps at every crossing & you are frequently on their fav paths.

Where Are the Newsletters?
by Leo Notenboom

Fighting spam is an incredibly complex & unfortunately inexact effort.

5 Probable Causes of Data Loss
by Windows Talk

If precious data is lost, it is nice to know what could have caused it.

Email Should & WILL Go Away
by John Dodge

I’ve done an about face on e-mail now that messaging has infiltrated many apps.

5 Common Laptop Mishaps
by Tips4PC

Five of the most common mishaps & the simple steps to prevent them.

Free Back Up & Synch Solution
by Make Tech Easier

Slick option for creating & executing backup & sync jobs with in a click.

Windows Knows Where You Are
by Windows Guides

Windows 7 & 8 can allow your apps to know exactly where you are.

8 Surefire Ways to Break Your PC
by PCTechBytes

The most common ways PCs are broken and how to avoid these mistakes.

windows observer
Confessions of a Tech Hoarder
by Windows Observer

When it comes to tech I must admit I am a hoarder…a look back at technology.

3 Cool & Unusual Photo Apps
by Windows Secrets

Three little-known apps can put some novelty back into your images.

Screen Capture with Windows 7
by Dave Taylor

A smarter way to capture screen shots – a way that’s more slick & easier.

3 Ways to Kill External HDs
by BurnWorld

Three reasons why your external hard drive can conk off without warning:

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