Add Auto-Complete and Spell Check to Every App

add auto complete and spell check to all apps


How to Add Office Auto-Complete And Spelling Correction Features To Entire Windows

Microsoft Office is currently the best Office suite across the globe. Although there are other free Office suites like LibreOffice, they are in no comparison when it comes to the feature set of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word includes features like auto-complete, automatic spelling correction, Autotext etc. which make Microsoft Word the most productive word processor. I have always wished if all these features of Microsoft Word could be added to the entire Windows Operating System so that each and every individual app could make use of these features and make us more productive.

PhraseExpress is a software suite which makes it possible to integrate the features discussed above in Windows. The integration process is seamless. It is like “set it and forget it”. You just have to install and enable PhraseExpress and everything else will be taken care by the software itself. PhraseExpress sits in the system tray quietly and does its job when needed.

PhraseExpress is free for personal use. You can download PhraseExpress and install it on any 32-/64-Bit Microsoft Windows XP, 2003/2008, Vista or Windows 7. When running the setup, PhraseExpress will ask you if you want to use the network feature. Please un-check this feature as it will install PhraseExpress as a 30 day trial.

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