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Truth About Win7 Defrag & SSDs
by Rob Cheng

Digging deep into Windows 7 defrag and how to best protect your SSD drives.

rankin alert
Malware on the Rise
by Bob Rankin

If you haven’t yet been affected by malware, expect it to come soon.

Locking Down Your Facebook
by Daves Computer Tips

Your Facebook settings could affect your privacy for many years to come.

Clear Cells Quickly
by Excel Tips

Want a really quick way to clear the cells in a range you’ve selected?

Prevent Printing

by WordTips

Is it possible to prevent a user from actually printing a Word doc?

Slides That Pop

by PowerPoint Tips

Techniques to add a 3-dimensional look to your PowerPoint slides.

Alert: 8 Million Passwords Stolen
by Techlicious

LinkedIn & eHarmony have confirmed the theft of over 8 million passwords.

Targeted Cyber Threats Growing
by Bill P

Targeted attacks aren’t just being used against ‘axis of evil’ countries, anymore.

Low Cost Broadband & More
by Chris Pirillo

Geek Out insight on low cost broadband options, foolproof passwords & more.

What if IE 32 Won’t Open
by Windows Club

IE 32-bit won’t open on a Win7 64-bit system? Here are a few potential fixes.

Share & Store Large Video Files
by BurnWorld

Video files can be so large that it’s tough to back them up or transfer them.

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by PitCrew

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