How-to Ping IP Address and Check DNS Settings


How to Ping IP Address

In this video tutorial you will see how to test TCP IP connection by using the ping command. Ping is the most important troubleshooting command and it checks the connectivity with the other computers. For example your system’s IP address is and your network servers’ IP address is and you can check the connectivity with the server by using the Ping command. See more network troubleshooting commands if you are not familiar with these terms.

How to Check DNS Settings

DNS Domain Name Service, is how your computer turns an address like into an IP address it can use to connect to Google’s servers. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) sends your router a list of DNS servers using DHCP when your modem connects to the Internet. Then your router forwards that list of DNS servers to each computer on your network, again using DHCP. We will also see how to check DNS settings.

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