Everything-Microsoft.com: Why Dell Isn’t Happy

why dell isn't happy

Dell, Windows 8, and the Future of the PC

By George Carza for everything-microsoft.com

Dell isn’t happy. As things go, the PC era, that is the Personal computer era may be over. As I’ve mentioned in another post, (Windows8 Prognosis for Sales), what consumers want of their PC, and businesses want, are different. The PC at the private consumer level is about communication, and entertainment. And guess what, that is what tablets, and laptops can provide. And as proof of this, just look at the tens of thousands of apps that are available for tablets. Where are they for the PC? Some are available…but the PC functions in an entirely different environment.

Which brings us back to Dell, one of the biggest PC makers in the world. Dell’s recent 1st quarter earnings reflect the view that things aren’t looking up for them.

Source: Dell Investor Relations

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This excerpt is shared with permission from everything-microsoft.com.

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14 thoughts on “Everything-Microsoft.com: Why Dell Isn’t Happy

  1. I don't think so… You're way off on this idea of the PC dying. C'mon there is no way you can pack the universatility of a pc into a tablet. As long as parts are available someone will assemble a decent PC. Apps are so totally uneccssary a good PC has the room to do anything the consumer wishes. Leave us not forget that apps were created in the first place for tablets and phones because of their lack of performance. Not all of your clients are incapable.

  2. I had a Dell 4600 PC with XP for 9 years before I bought my new Lenovo this year. The Dell went through a memory upgrade and 2 moves before the HD (only 40 GB) began to wear out. I agree with the other guys who don’t want to carry their computers around. I do spreadsheets, email, image editing, and blogging on mine at home. I need a 2-ft. ergonomic keyboard and a trackball mouse. I also use my printer often. The only advantage I can see to having a laptop or tablet is that I could grab it quickly if I had to evacuate my home.

  3. I personally can not do without my 22" display, which I was going to upgrade to 25 or 27 very soon now! I don't want a lousy little 15 or 18 which is your typical Laptop size! Tablets and laptops are only good for one thing, and that is portability. Of course portability is very important to business people, and that makes perfect sense, but if all the majoe manufacturers thing we will settle for a tiny display, they have another thing coming. Let's see somebody work in Photoshop, AutoCad, Revit or Adobe Premeire! I just hope they don't start directing all of their attention to tablets and laptops causing the desktop hardware prices to go way up!

  4. All the droid type phones and tablets seem to be user friendly and require very little maintenance. Most of the programs are good seem to be free. Microsoft and Windows PC seem to be getting more complex require more maintenance paid programs and require paid repair from windows and microsoft. What a pain. Gee I wonder why dell is losing market share. When will windows realize user friendly is important. Maybe Dell should start selling android computers.

  5. Desktops still have these advantages:
    1. big screen
    2. decent keyboard
    3. unlikely to be lost or stolen

    Desktops may morph into Internet TV/radio (with fibre delivery). They can’t be replaced without voice-to-text to replace the keyboard. But voice is not suitable with other people around. What could we use? ASL? Data glove with air keyboard?

    The hand helds are enjoying hula-hoop fad appeal similar to the digital watch. The fad will pass but they will stay but likely more as an adjunct to bigger screen machines that share data.

  6. I’ll die before I give up my desktop. I hate my I Pad; too unstable. Nothing but a toy. Serious work needs speed which Dell gives me.

  7. Well, DELL are just a bunch of ripoffs anyway, but I’m behind them for support of PCs.
    I’m never going to move to a freaking tablet, at least not within a decade. The performance sucks, they still mostly go by touch-screens, and small ones as well.
    Why would I switch to a tablet??? I don’t get my “entertainment” from a tablet, I get it from my PC and TV(-screen). I don’t care about all the “apps” that could be out there for tablets, a lot of it is of terrible quality anyway. The tablet is in a primitive state and the PC is only starting to catch up with technology and speed. So the PC is ahead anyway, especially with its better quality software and entertainment available.
    Really not everyone is going to switch to a tablet only, the computer-world would die. And they sure as heck aren’t going to force a tablet into my hands. I’ve tried one, it’s nice for some silly games, but that’s all, I can’t use those things.

  8. The PC over propaganda over the past few years is a push toward cloud computing, and the end of privacy. I don't want my personal files, and software on a remote server. I don't want to use these over hyped dinky gadgets. I want my desktop computer, and I want it forever punks!

    • I agree and as long as consumers continue to purchase laptops, which is a pc, there will alway's be a market. Desktop and towers have declined in the past few years as there are many do it youselfers out there to compete with now, and most people now want the portability of the laptop.
      It seems as though the industry is judging the future of computers based upon Microsoft, and there are other company's ready to fill in Microsofts spot. They can't alway's hold the monopoly.

  9. So if the PC era is over, are we relegated to slow, laptops and small screen tablets? Has the need for video cards that cost more than the cheap Chinese junk that pass as a computer gone away? How will people play decent games or is Farmville taking over Crysis and WoW?

    Why is Intel producing CPUs that cost between $300 and $1000? These smoke the Apple crap that people buy for $600 to play Farmville and read text. In any case, I want the fastest and the best, not a wimp that sits in the palm of my hand. My connection exceeds 25G, and I laugh at the wave of 4G that people have been programmed to pay a half of a car payment to get each month.

    • Then there are those of us that live in such a remote area that all that is available to us, no matter how much we pay, is 1.5 mb dsl. So I guess we should bow down to you, O Superior One.

    • Parts will alway's be available for do it yourselfers, so you will alway's be able to build your own speed demond. As far as laptops you will alway's be able to purchase a flat screen as large as you want that will connect to a laptop. The future of computing is not based upon Microsoft.

  10. yes PC are sales are down but so will tablet sooner or later– PC are a jack of all trade– tablet are not– no word proceeding– no photo editing– no games– PC will never die- it just people like to be on move– but their very little you can do on a tablet– so PC are going to be a round for a long time— take laptop their took a bit out of desktops– but pc are still around— tablet sales will sooner or later fall flat– long live the PC

  11. Microsoft is pushing the makers of computers like Dell to abandon MS Windows and go to Linux Unbuntu based OS. It is more reliable and will operate/run on any computer, no MS Windows required.
    I am getting fed up with Microsoft changing the OS every three or four yrs, discontinuing support of the previous Windows OS and forcing me to purchase newer computers with larger HD and RAM. Then having to convert my files to work on the new OS system. Many businesses and industries have already switched to Linuz Unbuntu OS to save in the long run on upgrades and reliability of service.

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