Windows Observer: Microsoft’s Secret Revealed


Microsoft’s New Tablet Floats to the Surface

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

Well it has been a few hours since the mystery was solved and I think a lot of folks in the tech industry are still in a semi-state of shock with what Microsoft announced in Los Angeles today.

The rumors have run rampant since the secretive invites were sent out to the tech press four days ago and ultimately the idea of some type of tablet announcement settled in as the popular choice. I am just not sure that a Microsoft branded tablet was what most thought would come out of it.

I have been checking out Twitter, the various live blogs and increasing coverage of the event across sites just to get an idea of what we are seeing and I am impressed so far with the reactions.

First let me start out and say I am most impressed with the level of secrecy and stealth this project maintained through development, production, testing etc. No Microsoft Surface tablet prototypes were left on bar stools or anything like that. To not have any employees mention it, tweet about it or anything like that is very impressive.

As for the name I like it as it is different in this market. I know Microsoft has previously used the Surface name with their large format wall mounted and table sized interactive tables but in reality this project could hide behind that name as it was being worked on without drawing any suspicions to it. Just in case your curious the product formerly known as Microsoft Surface is now called Microsoft PixelSense.

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3 thoughts on “Windows Observer: Microsoft’s Secret Revealed

  1. I agree with denis. There is no need for another version of the ipad. Yet another item I will not be using by microsoft.

  2. Doesn’t do anything for me.I like a desktop.Everything else is too bulky,risky(getting mugged for your laptop,i’ve seen it)
    They are just trying it on to see if we fall for another portable.Are’nt there enough of ’em already?The whole world is full of ipads.

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