Enterprise CIO Forum: Mac Users Steered to High $ Hotels

Orbitz `Mac v. PC’ revelation draw out Big Data proponents

By John Dodge for Enterprise CIO Forum

What did we learn from the Orbitz revelation that Mac users spend an average $20 more a night on hotel stays than PC users? Well, a lot we already knew.
Here’s a sampling of the reaction.

The WSJ, which orginally reported the news, today cited a Gartner analyst who says too few CIOs are deploying “predictive” software and as a result are putting their companies at a competitive disadvantage.

But then Orbitz CEO Barney Harford said in a USA Today story that the hotels offered to Mac and PC users are no different except for an optional list.

I conducted identical searches on both a PC and Mac…what did I find out?.

Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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