Dave’s Computer Tips: Almost Hidden Facebook Security Page

hidden facebook security

by Pat McMullen in Daves Computer Tips

(Almost) Hidden Facebook Security Page

Find Facebook’s (almost) hidden security page with commonsense reminders and advanced resources such as what to do if your account is hacked, security tips, and reporting abuse.

Today on my Facebook news feed I saw a little box from Facebook talking about how to manage the security of my accounts. When I followed the link, it brought me to a great page within Facebook about security on the network. On that page, you’ll find the tips box I’ve included to the left, as well as a great video about Facebook Security.

There is also a link to a timeline profile page for Facebook Security. Just like with any timeline profile, the most recent updates on Facebook security will be at the top. This gives Facebook a place to both publicize its most up-to-date security news and engage with users who provide feedback about privacy issues and concerns.

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