Excel.Tips.Net: Using Dynamic Chart Titles

By Allen Wyatt for Excel.Tips.Net

Using Dynamic Chart Titles

There is a very cool way, apparently not well known, of adding ‘active’ or ‘live’ titles and other text to charts. In this way you can make a change in a worksheet and have that change reflected in a title in the chart. Follow these steps:

1. Create your chart as you normally would.

2. Add whatever titles, datapoints, axis names, etc. are desired.

3. Select the title you want to modify. Small handles should appear around the title.

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One thought on “Excel.Tips.Net: Using Dynamic Chart Titles

  1. I use Excel 2010 and toward the end of 2011 portions of the spreadsheet stopped working. The data was valid & the formulas were correct, but the spreadsheet would not calculate any of the formulas. I loaded the spreadsheet onto another computer & the calculation function resumed working. I then reloaded the working spreadsheet back on my existing computer and it now works ok. What happened?

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