Ask Leo: Free, Fast and Easy PDF Conversion

Note from PC Pitstop: We recently asked our TechTalk contributors to recommend a favorite FREE application or tool that they currently use. This post is Leo Notenboom’s response to our request.

Free, Fast and Easy PDF Conversion

By Leo Notenboom

Some time ago, I decided to go as paperless as I could. My recommendation of the ScanSnap document scanner was a big part of that and it allowed me to completely empty three drawers of my four-drawer file cabinet, saving documents digitally instead.

Once you’re in the habit of creating PDFs from paper documents, the ease with which PDFs can be used, saved, searched, and, perhaps most importantly, backed up becomes readily apparent.

As a result, I’ve also cut down on the amount of actual printing that I do by changing my default printer to the free Cute PDF Writer virtual printer.

It’s not at all uncommon to want to save something, say a sales receipt from an on-line purchase, by printing it. But it’s rare that you actually need to save it on paper. Instead, I print to the Cute PDF Writer printer which creates a PDF of the printed output that I save on my computer. If I need to actually print it to paper, either now or sometime in the future, I can simply load up that PDF in a viewer, such as Acrobat or Foxit, and print to my real printer from there.

Here, you can see the printers that I have installed on my desktop computer:

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This post is excerpted with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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