The 100 Most Popular Freeware Apps

The 100 Most Popular Freeware Apps

Free Software Popularity (Based on PC Prevalence Percent)

The popularity percentage displayed in the freeware popularity ranking below represents the percentage of all PCs (which ran the PC Pitstop diagnostics scans last month) that had the particular freeware title installed. The Rank value is just a numerical representation of where the particular software falls in the overall list.

  • Click on the popularity percentage – to view a chart showing the popularity trend.

  • Click on the green download arrow – to visit available download sites for that title.

  • Click on the blue information button – to view a detailed description of the title.

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    18 thoughts on “The 100 Most Popular Freeware Apps

    1. David
      Sincere apologies for getting it wrong.Had a rush of blood! It was my intention to edit my remarks after checking your comments but seemed to go round in circles in trying to find your article.Got impatient and took a flyer. Nothing to do with age I assure you.

    2. Is this list obtained by analyzing systems that came to PC Pitstop because they were having problems and needed help? I see many apps like that get installed without a user knowing about it.

    3. Funny, a great number of the software applications on this list are generally viewed as ‘bloatware’ and are installed with other ‘useful’ applications and come in under the radar without the knowledge OR consent of the PC owner.

      Simply listing software commonly installed doesn’t give a real indication of what is popular, this simply proves the effectiveness of adding hidden installations of secondary web browsers and additional toolbars to the installation package of REAL popular software.

      When I query my customers if they use Chrome, Yahoo Toolbar Google Toolbar etc. most people reply with ‘what’s that!’

      The only real way to install any software is to run a comprehensive, non standard software installation. In most cases if you follow the prompts you get the same installation BUT you get to see where additional software attempts to sneak in unnoticed and have the option to forego the ‘bloatware’ installation.

      Richard – Google Toolbar IS first – it is hidden in so many other software installation packages it is on nearly every PC I come across – and it is one ofthe first things to go when I perform system cleanups.

      NB * Chrome, Yahoo Toolbar and Google Toolbar are just a few of the insidious installations around. They are by no means the worst of these installations – just commonly installed ones as the poll here indicates.

      Karl Edwards
      Dragonstar Total Computing

    4. I really have to wonder about some of these. Ask Toolbar? Unity Web Player? WeatherBug? I seriously doubt anyone went out to specifically download and install these. They are normally added in as crapware when installing a different program, since developers are paid for the install of these when bundled with their own software. Many people are stupid enough to not check to see what else they might be installing.
      How about a list of the most popular freeware that people actually want to install? I doubt that any of the toolbars will be high on the list.

      • @David: @bushy: @David:

        Unkowingly downloading “Crapware” and then not knowing how to delete is NOT stupidity. I’m sure there are millions, yes millions who use their computers for what to you are mundane purposes and are quite happy to accept the position or who feel they have to live with it. Becuse they don’t know it doesn’t follow they are stupid.Many are probably highly intelligent in other fields.It isn’t in your remit to decide how intelligent they are without even knowing them. Even if you did know them are you qualified to judge.

        Yours sincerely, an 80 year old who regardless of his limitations loves his computer. It is one of the most marvelous things available to hundreds of millions of people througout the world even though they may be “stupid”

        • @Brian:
          Wow, where to begin with this. While I could make the callous comment about age related memory loss being the basis for your comment to us, I’ll do my best to refrain from it. However, I would appreciate it if you could show me, in either Bushy’s post or my own, where we stated anything about BEING TOO STUPID TO DELETE THE CRAPWARE. The stupidity lies in the user clicking the next button when installing software, and not seeing what they are agreeing to. Most, and I would guess all of them, have a screen that is shown during the install of the “wanted” program, asking if they would like to install the crapware, and if not, they could uncheck the box saying yes to it. That, my friend, is stupidity. If you are at the gas pump to fill your car, would you pay attention to the screen on the pump when you have swiped your credit/debit card, or would you just keep pushing yes, agreeing to extra fuel additives and car washes? Of course not, that would be stupid. How is clicking next during a software install without paying attention to the screen any different?
          My father is completely computer illiterate. When helping him, by telephone, to install a driver for a new printer he had purchased, I asked him what was on his desktop. He told me his coffee cup and his ashtray. Even he knows to look at the screen when he is installing things to see what is going on. Not doing so is stupid. See my point?
          Now, I congratulate you on joining the computer world, considering your age. This is not a dig at you, but a sincere statement. I wish that my Grandmother would do the same, and show some interest in modern technology. However, I do suggest that you may want to drop the chip off your shoulder. It’s probably making you lean a little bit.

    5. It disappoints me to see all these add-on bars on this list since I feel like most people don’t really want them and they tend to just get bundled in with other stuff.

    6. I am missing Irfan View , sinde 15 years or more the vbest image viewer and wincommander aka total commander in this list.
      Also I strongy dount that the amount of usage indicates popularity. If not every 2nd website would force me to use them, I could well do without Adobe and Apple Products for example… I despise them but I have to use them.

    7. From an admin point of view, of course Google toolbar and google update are going to be number one. Its utter rubbish malware crap that re-installs itself over and over again with little ‘do you want to install?’

      Utter crap rubbish.

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